‘The Fool’ – First Tarot Card Meaning For Personal Readings

What is The ‘The Fool’ – Tarot Card Meaning?

The Source, the Divine, God. Whichever name you seek to give this undefined existence, or non-existence. It cannot be defined by words or meanings, because it is the sum of them all at once. It is the rootless root of all being. “From me all the shining worlds flow forth, to me all at last return”.

‘The Fool’ card represents the manifestation of the Absolute – it’s the LIFE-POWER, the ONE FORCE, it is the power behind all form. There is no action or thought that does not owe its creation to this limitless energy.

The Fool is given the number 0 – it’s the cosmic egg of the universe; all possibilities are held within. It has no beginning or end. From which all things proceed. The Hebrew letter of the alphabet assigned is Aleph, meaning “Ox”. Which represents the vital principle as it is the energy which drives the basic form of civilization, which is agriculture.

This energy enters our universe as sunlight, which is why in many religions they would give thanks each day to the sun. For it is the base of all life in our physical form. Sunlight scientifically is electromagnetic waves. That which is below is also that which is above. Meaning all things are energy even if it doesn’t appear to the naked eye, much of which passes beyond the grasp of man-made instruments.

The greatest tool to us which can utilize this energy is the human personality. You are its master; we are all co-creators, however mostly this happens without our conscious awareness. “I am a centre of expression of the primal will to good, which eternally creates and sustains the universe.”

To those which go beyond normal teachings, that would have been shunned in the past, through enlightenment have gained an understanding of the divine. This has given rise to the name of the card; The Fool. He who was considered foolish, to believe in such understandings. This is because the path is a personal one. Therefore, to understand this LIFE-FORCE you must alter your consciousness.

What ‘The Fool’ Tarot Card Means

‘The Fool’ represents super-consciousnes;  here one can understand the universe and themselves in a way our normal range of thought cannot. To limit divine consciousness to the human personality is foolish, and so the understanding of it to those who cannot comprehend, seems again, foolish. Super-consciousness is the ultimate goal of all teachings, and that of the Tarot. It is complete self-realisation.

The Aleph symbol is also a representation of Air, and that of the colour yellow. Which sits behind The Fool. In Latin it is translated as foolies, meaning a bag of wind. Giving strength to the well-known term life-breath. In Sanskrit as Prana, to the west as Spirit. These are all words for breath. The energy that gives life.

The Fool faces west, in the direction of the unknown. As to its limits to self-expression, he/she looks above as to continually overcome and transcend all that was before. The white sun is the infinite LIFE-FORCE which manifests through our suns, it is the force behind all that which The Fool does.

The white coat is the perfect wisdom within all of us. The robes and feather are the animal (red) and plant kingdoms (green) given rise from this power in physical form. The beads are time, showing man must move beyond this to free himself from his base nature and ignorance (Black Robe).

The ‘Traveller’ is neither a man or female, as to suggest this force is both expressions of gender. Standing on the edge of the mountain, as it were ever ready to fall into the abyss. Ever on the edge of manifestation.

Each part of the card has meaning, to give rise to the knowledge of a force that is in the verge of creation, the power behind all things before they are indeed a ‘real’ thing. The card cannot truly express this force, as it is limitless it is God, but it expresses the gathered knowledge of the wise on what we call the Limitless Light.


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