How To Build Self-Confidence And Unstoppable Self-Belief

How To Build Self-Confidence And Authentic Self-Belief

Believing in yourself is like a flower bud. Sometimes it opens…and sometimes the petals stay shut. It’s not that it doesn’t want to bloom in time…it’s just that there has to be a growing period for things to truly blossom. At its core, a lack of self-belief begins with the seeds of self-doubt. Perhaps you…


30 Journal Prompts To Make Mindfulness Exercises A Daily Habit

Writing can be a therapeutic activity that encourages you explore your inner landscapes of emotions, thoughts, beliefs and desires. Sometimes we can’t make sense of our thoughts until we write them down – and that is why writing in a journal can be so powerful. As a free form of therapy, journal prompts can encourage…

What Does It Mean To Contemplate Your Spiritual Presence?

In Contemplation of Spiritual Presence

  I first came across the idea of belief ending vicinity only recently, in reading Alan Watts’ project, The Wisdom of Insecurity. [Blogashop_shopify embed_type=”product” shop=”” product_handle=”2017-boho-natural-stone-turquoises-beads-bracelet-gold-color-leaf-tassel-charm-bracelets-bangle-for-women-pulseras-mujer-f2833″ show=”full” ] Now is the idea: Whenever we’re engaged in believing we cannot, we are participating – i.e. we lose touch with being present and engaged with what we…

Returning Home: A Recognition Of Spirit

Returning Home: A Recognition Of Spirit

For as long as I can remember I’ve had a ‘jump first and let’s see where I land’ mentality. I am not sure if this is folly but it has always served me well. But the hunger for more echoes so much in me that it can’t be denied. In answer to this, I discovered…

What Is That Inner Yearning for More?

What Is That Inner Yearning For More?

Do you sometimes struggle with being in the world? Do you feel like you’re not of this world, that it seems to confront you at every turn, and hitherto you have to find a way to exist in it? Do you yearn for more, but you can’t seem to find what you seek in the…


This One Simple Technique Will Instantly Clear Your Mind!

Do you suffer from sadness, mental grief or even find it difficult to think clearly, much less make good decisions? Does the stress of life these days wrap around you like a tight blanket, suffocating you and making it impossible to feel free? Do you find your to-do list so cluttered with “To Dos” and…