30 Journal Prompts To Make Mindfulness Exercises A Daily Habit

Writing can be a therapeutic activity that encourages you explore your inner landscapes of emotions, thoughts, beliefs and desires. Sometimes we can’t make sense of our thoughts until we write them down – and that is why writing in a journal can be so powerful.

As a free form of therapy, journal prompts can encourage you to explore the world of writing and what it means to have a human experience. For while every human is different in their identity, we often share a common core – the need to feel desired, loved and valued for who we are. If there are any complications in our life, focussing on mindfulness exercises can help us to categorise our experiences and understand them on a deeper level.

Do this every day, and soon you will begin to have a better understanding of how your mind works, what your thoughts mean and how you can overcome any tangles that may otherwise develop from a lack of clarity around certain subjects.

Here are 30 journal prompts that can help with making mindfulness exercises a daily habit…

1. Who am I?

Write about who you are, what you identify as, your beliefs and what your life is like today. You can talk about who you were and everything you are going to be.

2. What do I want to do today?

You only get 24 hours in a day but how you choose to spend them is everything. Taking the time to plan how you will spend your day, either today or tomorrow can enable you to make the most of each day.

4. What can I do better today?

Whatever you did yesterday, you can always choose to improve upon today. It depends on how you see things, but if you choose to focus on being your Best Self or doing your Best Work, you can improve upon yourself a little every day.

5. What can I let go of?

If you are struggling to move forward in some aspect of life, it’s essential to let go of anything that may be hurting you – and focus upon the things that are going to make you move towards you desire to be. Therefore, if something is hurting you, then letting go is vital so as to prevent hurting yourself any further. Write about anything that may be burdening you and then release it onto the journal pages.

6. What do I want to achieve?

If you are wondering what you want to achieve in life, your focus should be upon making more progress on your Life Purpose. Write about the tasks you can focus upon to make progress towards your goals.

7. How can I help someone today?

A simple act of kindness can make a big difference in someone’s life. By focussing upon a single act of kindness, it has a ripple effect in the Universe. Do one kind act today and you give permission to others to do the same in return on a larger scale.

8. What positive qualities can I focus on?

In any situation, there are positive or negative attributes. It’s important to focus upon what is going right rather than wrong, as it will help you to understand the bigger picture and how every negative, can also have a positive solution.

9. What can I be grateful for today?

Writing about all of the things you are thankful for can be a big help in enabling you to build up gratitude and joy in everything you do – even if they only seem like small things. When you focus in on them, and write about these daily – they become the big things.

10. What surprises you?

Finding something that makes you gasp, leaves you open-mouthed or gives you a positive surprise can be a good thing to write about because it enables you to see your feelings and reactions to certain people, events and situations that may have caused these emotions to emerge.

11. What makes you smile?

Perhaps it’s seeing someone get the help they need, seeing a family member happy or just spending time in the company of pets or animals. There are all kinds of things that make people happy – but choosing to write about it can make it easier to know where to find more of those feelings.

12. Which habit can you nurture?

Is there a habit or a quality that makes you feel good or enhances your productivity or purpose in some way? If you focus on nurturing this habit on a daily basis, that is when you will begin to see the results you are looking for. Write down all of your concerns, habits and more into your journal and review them daily.

13. How can I show more self-care to myself?

Self-care can mean different things to different people. The key is to find a self-care practice that nourishes your spirit and makes you feel good. Write down practices you can focus on each day to become more connected and caring to yourself.

14. Is that belief really true?

Take a belief or statement you have felt resonates with you on some level, and then write down an opposing statement and try and see the opposite as being equally as valid. When you can begin to see both sides to a story, you can begin to understand how different belief systems work, how the nature of the mind sees things and how to make peace with your own life decisions.

15. How can I be less critical?

Being soft and open is one of the best traits you can nurture to live your most open, abundant and creative life. When you are less critical of your every day behaviour, you can focus on being more accepting of others and any circumstances you may be being presented with. Write down how you can be more self-soothing of your judgements and criticisms – explore the concept of allowing people to be who they are, without judgement or criticism.

16. Where do I want to travel to (next)?

Travel can broaden the mind and the senses to new opportunities, adventures and more. When you are open to travelling, anything is possible. Writing about where you want to travel to can allow you new possibilities for exploring, and finding yourself.

17. Where do I want to live?

Wherever you choose to live can have a big impact on your energy, thoughts, beliefs…the people you choose to hang around with and much more. As everything is energy, and each place has its own energetic code…it makes sense that over time you may begin aligning with the energy of a certain location. Write a few journal pages on how you want your life to feel and where you imagine yourself settling down.

18. What can I do to take myself outside of my comfort zone?

By doing things that make you feel uncomfortable, you are choosing to stretch yourself beyond your own limitations. Going beyond your personal limits can encourage you to develop more confidence, boost your self-esteem and to see beyond the restrictions of your own mindset. Wrote about what scares you and how it will feel to overcome any challenges.

19. What can I do to light up my soul?

Your life purpose will light up your soul. If you don’t feel satisfied you will feel it. Doing something that makes you feel alive with excitement will not only fill you with contentment, it will also fuel your passion for life.

20. What do I want to learn next?

Learning is a lifelong journey. You don’t just stop learning when you finish school – education is a continuous process that one learns throughout their lifetime. Ask yourself, “What can I learn today/tomorrow/next week/month/year or even 5-10 years that will transform my life for the better?” Write down each new thing you want to learn in your journal and review them daily.

21. How do I feel?

Your feelings are indicators of your mental and emotional wellbeing. How you are feeling is the key to a deeper understanding of your own nature and everything around you. Writing down your feelings is paramount to being your Best Self.

22. How can I stay present?

Being in the present is where you find yourself, and it is where you are living your life. Having plans for the past or the future is good and remiciscing about the past is fine but you should also ask yourself how you can stay present – for it is here where your creative powers come into play. Write down how you can stay present and in the moment.

23. How can I engage in my own self-healing?

You have the power to heal yourself and have a positive influence on others in this way. When you focus upon your own self-healing, you choose to make yourself a priority – and with daily discipline, this starts to build into true self-love instead of self-loathing. Write down some ways you can start your own self-healing process – from EFT, to a daily meditation practice, or even writing in a journal…find your form of therapeutic release and focus on it a little each day.

24. Where will I focus my attention today?

What you are focusing on grows. Whether it’s energy work, a talent, or a creative hobby you want to nurture…where you place your attention is where you will achieve the most results. Remember, what you put in…is what you get back in return.

25. How can I let go of my own ‘expectations’?

Sometimes the stories and standards we set in our minds can actually be blocks that prevent us from travelling where we need to. It’s good to have a story outline – but planning everything in minute detail only sets up for disappointment. Instead, choose to see the structure of what you want – but allow your imagination to be fluid and letting go of your judgements, enjoy the journey it needs to go on to get there.

26. Which of my personality traits do I like the most about myself?

When you take a look at your personality and who you are, you begin to really see yourself outside of your mental thought patterns and judgements. You may begin to admire personality traits you had long forgotten about. Write in your journal the personality traits you most adore in yourself – i.e. maybe you are kind, caring, honest, or give a lot of your time and attention to others. Start to build up a personality profile in your mind and allow yourself to enjoy each side.

27. How can I spend time today dreaming about my ideal life?

Making time to let your imagination run free and dream about the life you desire, is the essential crux of allowing your manifesting to happen. The more you can spend time creatively visualising your future desires, the more you allow yourself to feel into the positive feelings – and how it will be when you finally achieve them.

28. What can I outsource to avoid stress?

By choosing to lighten your load and focus on your most productive tasks, you can start to discern which parts of your personal or professional life you can outsource to another professional who may be able to help. When you free up your time, you not only let go of stress, you notice you have more creative energy to be productive and achieve your goals.

29.  What is my favourite part of my life so far?

Life isn’t always a fairytale. Sometimes it is downright painful, prophetic or even just sad. And yet, there are also moments of real happiness, adoration, excitement and profound change. Life is learning to go with the flow of the experience and not clinging to good or bad – for everything is ultimately transition. Write about your life experiences, feel into them, and then allow them to just be.

30. What does it mean to be human?

The human experience is so unique to each and every one of us. Understanding you are a Conscious Creator in your own life can be the most powerful understanding you can have to understand and shift the power back into your own hands. Write down your thoughts and feelings about your human experience so far and how it relates to your own journey.

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