5 Ways To Stay Mindful And In The Present Moment

Learn how to stay mindful and in the present moment with these five simple steps...

Staying present throughout the day is becoming an ever more challenging process.

As thoughts become diverted in many different directions, so does our energy and with it, our emotional landscapes become drenched in desires, urges, needs and wants.

All of this can paint over our truth, making it more difficult to see with clarity and easier to get lost in the stories inside the mind.

Anyone who is learning the art of mindfulness and staying present knows how easy it is to get swamped under the pages of passing memories, thoughts and emotions that can constitute the everyday consciousness.

If you’re not selective, you can become engulfed in the story you are telling yourself. And this can become your everyday reality.

Mindfulness isn’t about stopping your thoughts and achieving a perfectly serene mind, it is about learning how to detach and remain unaffected by the emotions or thoughts that may be sweeping over you. Yet how to do this on an everyday level can be very different in practice than it is in theory.

Here Are 5 Ways On How To Stay Mindful…

1. Look Around You

Take in your surroundings. Absorb the energy of the images, sights and sounds that are all around and permeating both your internal and external landscapes. Notice the movement of objects, people…and permeate your consciousness with the shapes, lines and colours. Take it all in with your eyes and ears…and then close your eyes…and do your utmost to think of nothing. Learn to enjoy and become comfortable in the experience of both.

2. Observe Your Thoughts

With every experience there arises a series of thoughts and observations. Watch each one that arises, but do not attach to anything that emerges. Simply acknowledge the flow of conscious thoughts and then choose to allow and let them go. Do not try and delve into them with logic or emotion – simply watch them flow by like fish downstream.

3. Give Up Expectations

Life is an unexpected road of winding pathways and while you may plan the destination, you can never truly know the journey you are heading on.

For every road sign that guides you along the way, there are a series of traffic lights or unexpected obstacles that prevent you from getting to where you need to be.

Attaching expectations to your thoughts will only cause suffering and pain. For reality can often be very different to the fantasy movie you have planned, scripted and directed in your own mind.

Sometimes your expectations can derail you from what reality knows will really be best for you. For while everyone can make conscious decisions for themselves, sometimes the dreams are only mirages that need to be shattered to pieces – in order for the light to truly be seen.

4. Accept What Is

When you were a very young child you accepted a lot of things as they were. Then you began to ask questions. Each question brought you closer or further away from satisfaction.

Your curiosity peaks and you begin to ask different types of questions…and so eventually, you begin to find more questions than there are answers.

In adulthood, you may find your mind racing with more questions than there are answers…the questions can begin to weigh heavy on your consciousness. Especially if you feel that you have been wronged, something bad happened to you or that you could do better.

The solution is to understand that sometimes there are actually no answers worth hearing anyway.

Sometimes the answers do not help us, they only hurt us. They do not provide closure like we think they would. And so, accepting the situation and letting go of whatever we thought was going to…or even should happen in a certain scenario, is how you find peace.

When you are feeling peaceful, you can restore your creative energy to make good things happen. And this is how you forget the negative past and begin to step into a more positive future.

5. Be Grateful

Gratitude begins with being thankful and feeling good for what you already have in your life. It could be something as simple as waking up in the morning, a cup of tea or a delicious breakfast…or even having a roof over your head and food in the cupboards.

Too often we take for granted what we readily have available. Yet it is all of these simple things that some people would consider as absolute luxuries. Give thanks for everything and everyone in your life – for they are your greatest teachers.

When you become grateful you begin to attract more wonderful things to be grateful for into your life! One of the best ways to build an energy of gratitude is to write in a gratitude diary on a daily basis.

Record your thoughts, feelings and memories of the day and then you can look back and reflect on your progress. The more you ‘feel’ into the energy of gratitude the more of this amazing energy you can build!

Gratitude is the key to getting everything you want. It is the key to becoming a conscious creator and manifesting everything you want in your life – so get grateful and watch how things change for you!

Learning To Stay Mindful

Being mindful is a continuous process but at its core, its about learning to let go and stay present with what is. Look forward, do not look back – and keep moving to your goals with a light heart and mind and there will be no stopping you.

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