Navigating Your Spiritual Path and Sensing Spiritual Energy

For as long as I can remember, certainly for as long as I have been on my spiritual path or journey, I have sensed energy. Whether it was the energy of a person, a room, an object, or something larger like a building or landscape. I’d know if a place felt sad, or happy, what happened there recently, or maybe in the recent past.

Some places had layers of history and feelings. And I could sense the energy of people who had previously been there, or remained there in some form and for some reason, long after their passing to the next world.

Sensing Energy Helped Me Find My Spiritual Path

The first time I went to Glastonbury Tor was an incredible experience. The iconic tower monument on top of a hill has the most beautiful, clear ‘high’ energy that I have ever experienced. The Tor is steeped in ancient history and its legend at the heart of Avalon makes it one of the most visited tourist sites in the UK. To be able to walk around the Tor was profound, intense and peaceful all at once. As I sat and meditated in the Tor, I felt a deep sense of higher purpose and peace resonate through me.

Other places in Cornwall, Scotland, Ireland, Shropshire, and many more, as well as a collection of different buildings and places of worship have all held a sense of wonder for me as I could feel a deep spiritual energy emanating from them. These feelings encouraged me to research, ask questions and form my own beliefs along the way. They were like signposts on my spiritual path.

My Spiritual Path In Formation

Some people have visited sacred places such as shrines and temples all over Europe and Asia to see how it feels and if it will enhance their spiritual journey. Yet sometimes, this is hit and miss. You can go to a shrine for example, and find and feel nothing in return.

For it is not so much about how a place looks, but rather how it feels and how one can connect with the energy there. Sometimes you feel an affinity with a place, and sometimes you don’t. Some pladces feel so familiar, like they have been a home to us in the past. Other places, they seem cold and strange. Sometimes it’s the sense of something within that causes those feelings to emerge.

Those who visit Thailand claim how the huge Golden Buddha in Bangkok is incredible, inspiring and the beautiful myriad of temples and shrines provide inspiring works of art. However, they are not enable to create a spiritual or energetic connection there, because for whatever reason – they are not meant to. Sometimes we are simply meant to enjoy a place for what it is, but not to connect spiritually.

Am I On The Wrong Path?

So what are your thoughts? Could it be that:

a) You can simply not resonate with for example, your own Eastern or Buddhist beliefs and yet you can resonate with the ancient energy of your birth place and family connections? Even if you can sense the energy of Reiki, Shiatsu, Acupuncture and Tai Chi?

Or is it that..

b) In the West, certainly in the U.K. our spiritual places are very much defined and not always integrated in to our every day lives? When we visit someone’s home, and then we go to a place of worship we feel different. You go to a public park with beautiful scenery and then onto an ancient site, and they both feel different. Their differences are what allow you to distinguish between these energies.

In the East however, where there are shines and altars and places of devotion on every street corner, every home or garden and place of faith…they become so established and integrated into the everyday, that there is no way to differentiate them.

My intuition is inclined to the second answer. Perhaps it is good for us to seek out own spiritual path, to find our own places of power where we most feel spiritual energy. It is in these places that we can reconnect to our own personal magic, both within and outside of ourselves. There is great power in this process. This means discerning between what is right for us to believe and what others tell us is the truth. By questioning and experience, we begin to make mistakes and find the way that makes most sense to us.

I am not suggesting that being born into faith and believing it is wrong. If it feels right for you, then its good. But if you want to seek something more, if your faith and belief systems don’t serve you, or if they crush your spirit…or mean you cannot feel beautiful, or the powerful essence of the universe through them, then maybe you need to go on a journey.

I am not suggesting that being born in to a faith and believing in it is wrong. If it feels right for you then that is good. But if you are drawn to seek something more, if your faith and belief systems don’t serve you, if they crush your spirit, or if you cannot feel the beautiful, powerful essence of the universe through them, then maybe you need to go on a journey. Maybe you need to seek a more spiritual path, to find the thing, the place or the people that help you to reconnect with the divine, the source, with love,within you..that gives you true purpose.

Where do these questions and thoughts take you? I would love to know. For what may feel truthful to one, is very different to another. I hope that whatever you find, or accept or connect with, you may be able to navigate your own spiritual path and find your own truth in the process.

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