Are You Part Of The 96% Of People Who Think They’re Ugly?

Feeling ugly from time to time is a part of life, that depending on your mood or sensitivity, can be shrugged off your shoulders – or lay heavy on your heart.

Knowing that no one has it all together all of the time is a personal reminder that you should stop being so hard on yourself. You are human and you are doing your best. Yet statistics by Dove Research show that only 4% of women around the world consider themselves beautiful (a small increase of 2% since 2004). While only 11% of girls globally consider themselves as ‘beautiful’.

Could these statistics and insecurities be a sign of the perfectionist mindset that so many are being encouraged to adapt? Now more than ever, we live in an image-focused world. Everyone is constantly pitting themselves against each other, encouraging one another to sum up their experiences in images, rather than words. Perfect images of attractive models with airbrushed features, Photoshopped backgrounds that the Instagram model spent hours on location, just trying to get the right shot. New levels of perfection are being set every day…and the truth is? It’s all fake.

When you pit yourself against an illusion, you set yourself up for a fall. While many influencers on social networks such as Instagram and Pinterest may also speak out about these issues, they also set the bar exceptionally high with their ‘realness’ – the likes of which may be great for celebrities to build followers. However, for the average person to express their vulnerability is challenging. After all, not everyone wants to see their friends hairy legs, acne scars or so-called ‘imperfections’. These imperfections of course, are part of the human process. Acceptance of which, allows freedom from your insecurities. If only you are willing to look them in the face!

Showing Off Your True Face Of Self-Love 










When it comes to feeling beautiful, it’s really down to showing yourself enough self-love in the moment. And acceptance of your own differences or ‘imperfections’ as your own unique identifiers (USP) that makes you uniquely you.

For while a beautiful and symmetrical face may be alluring, it means nothing if you don’t have the confidence or a healthy sense of self behind your physical mask. A healthy and happy emotional self will recreate your physical self – from the inside out. When you focus on telling yourself you are beautiful, you are worthy, you are adored…that is what you will attract in return. It’s not just about the law of attraction – it’s based on your emotions – a tangible force that creates the life you desire.

So if you have poor self-esteem, you need to look at why this is showing up for you. What are your deep seated beliefs? While you can believe you love yourself on a conscious level, you may also have trauma and trapped emotions that are preventing you from maintaining a healthy level of self-esteem.

It’s normal for this to be the case, as we spend a lifetime absorbing other people’s beliefs – especially the subconscious messages from the media that what we are is not good enough. (How else would they sell cosmetics, clothes, and the fancy material lifestyle?) And while there’s nothing wrong in wanting to look your best, it always comes back to balance.

If you find yourself obsessed with trying to change yourself with cosmetics for example, or conversely, feel you will never measure up so you don’t even try…all of this is an indication you are out of balance.

Back To Your Beautiful Best 









Feeling beautiful isn’t actually about looking physically attractive. Yes, a healthy body is a part of that, but actually, real beauty comes from clear thinking and emotions – without the heavy impression of negativity that can cloud a person over time. Your body is constantly changing, and it is essential to take good care of your temple for best health and happiness. Yet too many people focus on the outside…without cleaning up the inside.

The internal world is where your thoughts, emotions and imagination venture. When you feel beautiful on the inside, your face naturally has a soft, relaxed expression and it shows in everything that you do. This is where your real self – the beauty of your soul can shine through to the outside world.

How do you get to this space? You let go of your self-doubts and you tell yourself optimistic things about yourself. Really visualise that you are a beautiful person, doing beautiful things for others. Once you know this on the deepest level imaginable, the resistance you have just melts away…and then you have nothing left to hide. It doesn’t stop there though. This is where the law of attraction (or creation) really comes into play.

For when you are begin to strongly visualise your life, putting strong boundaries in place along the way…you let go of people who no longer serve you, who put you down, make you doubt yourself or feel like you simply aren’t good enough. And once you weed these out, you create the right environment to nurture your inner beauty and allow your spirit to grow.

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