12 Warning Signs That You May Be Blocking Your Best Life

If every day feels like a struggle, or it seems as though nothing you are doing is bringing you closer to your desires, it could be that you are blocking it.
Unintentionally or not, sometimes we are actually scared of the success we long for. And so, in our fear, we create resistance and blocks to getting what we want.
Here are 12 warning signs that you may be blocking your best life…

1. You Overwhelm Yourself

If you don’t have a committed focus or end goal, you may decide to overwhelm yourself with too many activities. The result is that nothing actually gets done…and there is a to-do list a mile high. Only you never reach the end of this list as there is always more to do. Overwhelming yourself is a trick that you may use unconsciously, to avoid doing the important tasks that actually move your life forward. The solution? Focus on the top 3 tasks that will bring you results.

2. You Feel Tired All The Time

If your diet and nutrition is lacking, this could be a big explanation for why you feel fatigued. When your body and mind are healthy, your energy levels increase and you will alert and alive. No task is too tiring as you have excellent energy levels to achieve everything you set your mind to.

3. You Are Surrounded By Toxic People

Negative or unsupportive people can actually have the same effect on your life. The more unsupported you are, the more your energy becomes blocked and unable to flow correctly. The result is that your creative energy stalls and you feel unable to attract everything you want into your life.

Sometimes it is challenging to remove people who are no longer right for us, but if the problem is persistent, its vital that you address who you are allowing into your social circle, family or partnerships.

4. You Do Not Trust Yourself

Perhaps you have made decisions in the past that seemed right at the time but turned out not to be. A friend or a partner may have left, or changed their mind about going to an event, for example. Outside circumstances can have direct effects on your emotions and expectations, going into the future.
The key is to let go and understand that you can’t control anything outside of you. Yet whatever is happening externally, is not your fault. It is other people’s projections. So let them go…and you will find yourself free to create new beginnings. Which brings us to…

5. You Lose Yourself In Other People’s Expectations

Whatever other people project onto you, is part of their problem – not yours. Not everyone will have the same life story or goals. And when you realise this, its easy to distance yourself from other people’s expectations for your life. You can choose to live your life how you see fit. Problems only occur when others create pressure around their own expectations – as then they are forcing you to fit a mould that may not be right for you.

6. You Don’t Have Deadlines For Your Goals

If you don’t have a clear deadline of what you want your goals to look like, it is almost impossible to achieve it. You need to have a clear visualisation of what you want your goal to look like…and more importantly, how this will feel. Once you have this image clearly defined, your subconscious mind that is connected to everything, will go and instruct your mind to create it in your reality.

7. Having A Closed Mind

When you are shut down emotionally, or have a set way of seeing the world, it can be very difficult to open your mind up to new possibilities, worlds, or even new people. Closed mindedness is the root of all prejudice, fear, hate and discrimination against others. If you can open your mind up to the new, you will be amazed at the opportunities that come your way.

8. Losing Interest In Activities

This is one of the biggest warning signs that something is wrong. If you lose your interest in your favourite activities, hobbies, or generally lose your lust for life and learning new things…it is the biggest sign that you may need to address your mental and emotional thought patterns.
Once you can understand the root of these troublesome thoughts or emotions that are causing blockages – you can begin to work on them through Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or tapping as its known, to release the faulty thoughts and negative emotional patterns.

Clear the stagnant emotion and watch your energy levels and interest in activities soar!

9. Living In A Place Of Rejection

Being rejected hurts – it feels like rejection of ourselves. What can make rejection hard to bear is that it can feel so personal. Like we don’t measure up or simply aren’t good enough. This couldn’t be further from the truth.
Yet when one of our projects doesn’t make the grade or we get rejected after a first date, it can be hard to take. It means the door slamming shut on that particular opportunity.
That also means you are free to open other doors. And what is behind another door, may be even better than you imagined. So, if you can reframe rejection as PROTECTION, it changes everything completely. You were rejected because it wasn’t a right fit.
Whatever hopes, expectations or dreams you had with that person/job/opportunity should be abandoned because ultimately, it would not serve your Highest Good. Remember, what is for you will not pass you by.

10. Feeling You Are Too Old (Or Too Young)

Whatever you believe about yourself, becomes your truth. Think you are too old? Then yes, you probably are. Your mind will try and tell you that you are past it, or are too young and inexperienced to be taken seriously.
Both have their advantages and disadvantages, but the common factor in both is change.

What really matters is understanding that its not about time, but focussing on what you have and learning to manage your emotions.

All you have is the present moment and each one is your greatest teacher. The solution? Stay present, manage your emotions and focus on how you can create.

11. Playing It Small

It takes guts to put yourself out there, especially when it comes to completing your best creative work.

If you are constantly choosing to play it small, avoid taking action or showing up for new opportunities when they present themselves, it could be that fear and insecurity are making you self-conscious about your own powers and abilities.

Resolving your deepest fears and insecurities means learning to accept you are good enough, and then take small action steps every day towards your goals.

From showing up at networking events, to attending writing seminars, or creative classes…putting yourself out there is key to creating the connections you long for, and opening the door to your best life.

12. Not Loving Yourself

This can manifest in different ways. Some of them include not feeling ‘good’ enough or worthy enough, feeling left out, or simply unattractive compared to conventional standards.
True self love emerges when you are content with who you are. You do not try and change things, or put too much pressure on yourself to be the best possible.
You simply create your best self through taking consistent action each day, and then learn how to generate your own feelings of self-love. No one else can make you feel this, except for yourself. It’s not just about self-care – its about self-forgiveness for being hard on yourself, or allowing in anything but love.


Take a look over these twelve warning signs again. Ask yourself, ‘Where are there blocks in my life?’ Write down areas of your life you are happy with, and others you wish to improve.
Once you know what needs addressing, you can begin releasing them through gentle acts of self-love to move you onwards with contentment and drive towards achieving and truly living, your life purpose.
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