How To Embrace Your Creative Side On A Daily Basis

Creativity is a wonderful feeling, not only does it make you feel alive and on fire with a real sense of life purpose – it can also encourage you to open up to new ideas, while bringing forth expressions you never even knew existed within you.


The good news is that creativity isn’t some exclusive club that you need a special talent to be able to access. As a human being, it is your natural birthright to be creative. In fact, if you exist, then you have the ability to create.


What disconnects many people from their creative abilities is their own sense of self-belief. They are out of sync with their natural self and so, they deflect away from reaching their highest potential. Nurturing your creativity doesn’t have to be difficult either. It starts with an idea – and then focussing on and nourishing it to fruition.


The Problem With Creativity 

What makes creativity a problem for many, is that they only focus on the successful outcomes. The end part of being creative, where your skill blossoms for all to see, is what everyone longs for. Anything else is just trying.
Yet this is folly. The real beauty of creativity is in the journey. It’s not from just reaping the results. Sure, that is rewarding. Yet if you only focus on the end goal – it can actually put you off from starting.


Why does this happen? You may start with good intentions, but then life gets in the way. Reality can be messy, you don’t always have the hours you want in the day – you have to make time…and so, this feels like hard work and effort. It also means accountability. You have to be responsible for yourself and your actions.


Yet creativity isn’t a chore. It’s a joy and a blessing to be creative and to honour this daily. All you have to do is…


Focus on what makes you smile

Enjoy artwork? Painting? Perhaps you’ve always wanted to write a book or learn to play the piano. Spend time focussing on what makes you feel good and do more of it if you want to get good at it.


Visualise what you desire to create

Hold the image in your mind’s eye and focus on how good this will feel when it comes into your reality. This is the first rule of the Law of Attraction. You are the Ultimate Creator – what you focus on with your thoughts, is what you will create!


Create momentum

Reward yourself for getting things done, only after you do them. Want a piece of chocolate? Or on a larger scale, perhaps you want to treat yourself to a new car. If the reward is big enough, you will go after it. Give yourself the powerful momentum to shift your thinking towards success.


Try something new

Going out of your comfort zone can be rewarding as it challenges you to reach beyond your current experiences and try new things. Practicing a new skill such as learning an instrument or a language requires your brain to make many new connections in the brain, while strengthening existing neural pathways. Learning new activities encourages your brain to stay active and research shows it can also keep your mind open to new things, while maintaining a more youthful, happy outlook on life.


Keep doing it

Repetition is the mother skill to success. Anyone who achieves success has tried many, many times and learned over and again the meaning of failure. As Thomas Edison once said, “I have not failed 10,000 times. I have not failed once. I have succeeded in proving that those 10,000 ways will not work. When I have eliminated the ways that will not work, I will find the way that will work.”


Choose Your Social Circle Wisely

You want to be around people who are supportive and uplift your spirits whenever you are feeling down. The same is true when you are investing in a hobby or activity.  This is why joining a club or activity night in your local community may be of benefit to you. Not only will you meet other people, you will also expand your social circle and invest your energy into becoming even better at your creative pursuits.


Don’t Be Hard On Yourself

Remember, everything begins with a single step. You put one foot in front of the other and you start walking towards your goals. Then you are on the journey and in full creative flow. If you are not ‘bad’ at a hobby or skill to begin with on some level, then you have no room to improve and you may even find you become bored more easily. This is why a challenge is good – it maintains your interest levels and keeps you going at it. But most of all…


Know Yourself

More than just believing in your abilities, if you know who you are and what brings you joy, you find your creative flow. If you truly want to know yourself on a deeper level, its important to understand your personality type, along with how your mental and emotional patterns work, amongst other things.


Show Others The Way

Don’t be afraid to show others how far you have come in improving your skills or talents. Show your talent to others and they will share in your praise. In fact, your talents may inspire others and encourage them to follow in your footsteps. Be the light that shines the way for others to become their best selves.


Why the passion for embracing your creativity? It really begins with you. When you are operating from a creative space, you are expressing your Highest Will and making it manifest here on Earth. What could be more beautiful, fulfilling or spiritual than ultimately expressing the Universe’s flow of consciousness right here in your physical form.
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