The 7 Manifesting Mistakes That May Be Costing You Your Deepest Desires

Manifesting is effortless once you know how to stay in your creative power by avoiding these common manifesting mistakes...

Do you long to make your deepest desires real? Are they always one step outside of your reach? Is your will for love, success or happiness so strong that you will try anything to make it happen? You’re not alone.


One of the most fulfilling human experiences is to feel successful and enjoy abundance.
If you don’t have success or happiness lining up at your door, it may be bringing up many questions within you. Many of which lead to more questions than they do answers.


Maybe you are suffering from a lack of self-confidence because the results you seek simply aren’t showing up.
You may have heard a lot about the law of attraction and how to manifest your dream life. And maybe you’ve tried a few courses that show you how to use this law to bring forth whatever you desire.


Remember The Secret? It mentioned that all you have to do is to focus on your desires and it will bring them to you. You tried and yet…nothing happened. While there is some truth in this, its only one part of the equation. Yes, it can feel deflating to have bad experiences or to keep trying but not get anywhere. Yet what no one may be telling you is that…


1. Real Manifestation is effortless

It simply happens, no exceptions. There is no trying. You simply focus on what you want in life and your intentions open the door and present new opportunities and possibilities your way. The underlying feeling is one of ease and comfort with what is coming to you.


2. You send confusing messages

One moment you long for a career as a scientist. The next you have thoughts about becoming a lawyer.

When you confuse yourself with too many images and ideas, it dilutes down your desires and makes it confusing to the mind to know what to focus on what you really want. At least with any depth of intensity or real emotions to generate any meaningful outcome.


3. You want it but there’s no passion

Maybe the idea of a new career or going on a personal retreat sounds promising to you, but there just isn’t enough excitement around it for you to want to go ahead and actually do it.

The reason for this is that on some level, it doesn’t align with your Highest Purpose. In other words, it isn’t happening as it’s not meant to happen. Your feelings are not giving enough forward momentum to make this happen in your reality.


4. You’re impatient

You want it now…and as you can’t wait for the future to happen, you start getting impatient, maybe even bringing in a sense of lack because you are wondering why things aren’t happening sooner.

All of this can make you feel frustrated and so, instead of choosing to feel grateful for what you already have…you spiral downwards into feeling down about yourself. And so, what happens? You lose hope that your desires will come to you.


5. You second guess yourself

Nothing great has ever happened to you previously, and so, you doubt it will in the future.

You set yourself up for failure by doubting your own abilities and personal power. So in turn, you add another layer of resistance towards your desires. And so, you keep them away from you.

If this is happening, it could be that you have low self-esteem and so are unable to see clearly past the fog of your own previous negative experiences.


6. You share your dreams with others

Or maybe you also believe in yourself too much. And so, you share your deepest dreams and desires with everyone around you.

They don’t harbour the same positive intentions as you do, and so, they instil doubt and fear in you. Or tell others you will never be able to achieve what your heart desires, so give up already.


It can feel deflating to be told the truth about how people really feel about you and your abilities. In situations such as this, it is better to stay quiet and keep your desires guarded so that others don’t add their negativity into the mix.


7. You don’t take action

Everything you desire is all talk but no action. No matter how much you may want to be successful, if you don’t take regular action towards your desires you will never get what you want.You have to go and make it happen. That means being self-disciplined and practical in your approach to getting things done.

From a successful business to finding the love of your life, you have to put yourself into a position – both mentally and energetically, to make it happen.


Are you or have you in the past made any of these manifesting mistakes? Let us know and share your thoughts on what works and what doesn’t, when it comes to manifesting your desires.


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