7 Unbelievable Ways That Breathwork Can Change Your Life

Breathwork plays such an essential role in a person’s mental, emotional and even spiritual progress. You could be mistaken for at first, thinking it is nothing more than a simple biological process.

Yet breathwork isn’t just a practice, its an experience, that can ultimately transform your life. From relaxing the nervous system, to starting the healing process, breathwork can slow things down, reduce stress and make you more mindful of the present moment.

Yogis and mindfulness practitioners often use breathwork techniques to change their emotional states of being, release stress and improve concentration levels. Practising certain breathwork techniques can create altered mental states.

Healing Benefits Of Breathwork

Fast-paced rhythmic breathing for example, can have many benefits. For example, with fast breathing, due to the rapid movements of the diaphragm, it can increase the amount of prana (energy) in the body.


1. Fast Breathe Your Way To Better Health

Fast moving of the diaphragm also massages the digestive organs, heart and lungs, increasing their overall efficiency. This particular technique can help with the removal of mucus, common colds, and sinusitis in the body. Increase oxygen in your body and you decrease your body’s stress response and in the process, may reduce inflammation.


2. Slow Breathe To Relax and Unwind

In comparison, slow breathing techniques can help to relieve anxiety, stress and relieve emotional tension. Learning to embrace slow breathing techniques can create a healing effect in the body. Calming breaths, or learning to inhale and exhale in certain patterns, can be highly beneficial as an anxiety management tool.


3. Find Peace In Your Presence

One of the biggest benefits of breathing techniques is how they can encourage you to focus and stay present in the moment. Slow breathing through the nose in particular, can envelop a sense of peace in you. By focussing on and centreing your energy into the Self, you can develop your inner calm and make you feel at peace with what is.


4. The 4-7-8 Breathing Technique To Reduce Anxiety

By practising the 4-7-8 breathing technique, you can reduce anxiety and help to relax your nervous system. It starts with breathing in through the nose to a count of 4. Holding the breath for a count of 7 and then exhaling through the mouth for a count of 8. Repeating this breathing pattern for a cycle of four times can help you to empty your lungs, relax and relieve stress.


5. Increase Your Self-Confidence

Once you are feeling relaxed from deep breathing, you naturally let go of any inbuilt resistance or tension that may have built up inside. By feeling peaceful, you may then find that its easier to embrace everything about your Self, your behaviour, life purpose and where you are going.

When you increase your self-confidence, you will find it easier to be yourself, and to know what to do next. Regular breathing exercises can keep you in a healthy emotional and mental mindset.


6. Increase Your Energy Levels

Once you are breathing deeply, the increased oxygen in the body can improve the blood flow. This results in better energy levels. It’s easy to boost your energy levels. Simply focus on the 1 minute breathing exercise which can increase your blood oxygen and in turn, your productivity.

It works by inhaling to the count of two, exhaling to the count of two, inhale to the count of two, exhale to the count of three, inhale to the count of two, exhale to the count of four…and so on, and so forth.

Regular practice of this breathing exercise can naturally increase your energy and vitality levels.


7. May Support Pain Relief

Deep breathing exercises can encourage your body to release endorphins, known as the feelgood hormones that allows the body to be its own natural painkiller. Taking slow, deep breaths can alter your psychological state by reducing both stress levels and pain.

By performing deep breathing you can create an immediate calming effect in your body. When you oxygenate your blood with abdomninal breathing and have the happy hormones, you will feel good and be able to sleep even better.

A Word Of Warning

It’s important to be mindful of how you are using your breathing techniques, and ease into them gently if you are at all unsure. Do not do excessive fast breathing continuously, build up to this gradually if necessary and only for a moment or two.

Slow breathing techniques may be more advisable in this regard as they do not create any stress or high energetic response in the body – they are more likely to relax your nervous system.

A Simple and Effective Tool

Whichever breathing exercise you decide to focus upon, when you practice it regularly you will find a new found sense of how to potentilaly heal yourself, and change your energy, thanks to this simple and effective tool for relief and relaxation.

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