5 Ways to Know If You Are Ready For Yoga Teacher Training

Many of you may be practicing yoga for years and you’re confident that you can pull off most of the complicated asanas with ease. However, when the talk of a yoga teacher training comes up, some of you may feel, ‘Yes, I really want to do it’ whereas some of you may say, ‘I am still not sure’. This blog is aimed at those who are yet not able to decide whether the time has really arrived to go for a professional yoga training course or continue with the present routine.

Well, to be honest, it’s hard for a person to tell you that, ‘Yes, you are ready for it’ because it’s your call and you need to listen to your ‘inner’ calling. However, we can surely make it easier for you to decide upon the same. Want to know how? Just read through the following paragraphs and you’ll have a more or less clear picture of what would be the best decision for you.

There Is A Big Urge To Learn More

Maybe you were totally unknown to yoga at first. It all seemed like some mad men doing some extreme contortions of the body in full confidence but ‘why’, was the question. But one day you decided, ‘Let’s just give it a try’ and from there on the journey never stopped. The more you indulged in self-practice, the more you understood that yoga isn’t all about health. It has more to it and it really intrigues you the more you practice. You want to understand the exact purpose behind the asanas, explore challenging postures and learn about yoga in detail. If that is the case, your quests can only be fulfilled by a yoga teacher training program. Better, if you pursue it from its birthplace, India to have a profound understanding of this ancient science.

You Want To Know Yourself Better

If you practice yoga dedicatedly and sincerely every day, it must not be unknown to you that yoga has indeed made some changes inside you. No, this isn’t about health, but something that’s hard to describe. Well, yoga helps to face your ego and challenge your self-perception by removing these barriers and seeing yourself as one like every other human being.

To truly explore these sensations, the reason behind their sudden awakening and how to continue the journey of self-exploration, you need a detailed understanding of the yogic science under the guidance of experienced yoga gurus. They have spent a considerable amount of their life studying and experiencing this remarkable asset of yoga for years and can be the guiding light that you are searching for.

You Love To Engage People In Yoga

Your aunt’s home after a two-week long holiday in the Maldives and she is desperate to shed off those extra kilos earned during a luxurious holiday. You immediately prescribe her a regime of asanas and even go on to explain how the poses are practiced. If that’s your typical trait, there’s no denying the fact that you love to spread the word of yoga everywhere.

There is this natural tendency inside you to let people know about yoga and its benefits. A yoga teacher training course is the best medium available to you to nurture your talent and take it forward in the right direction. You’ll learn about the different aspects of becoming a yoga teacher and how to effectively spread the message of yoga across to your students.

You Want To Be A Part Of The Global Yoga Community

Whether there is some talk of yoga on Instagram or Twitter or Facebook, you are always there to put forth your opinions or views. You love to connect with people who share the same passion and love for yoga as you do. Sharing the same ideologies and interests with like-minded people from different parts of the world makes you feel like being part of a global community.

Definitely, this is your time to take one step forward and make new bonds with aspiring yogis from all over the world and create a life-long bond of friendship and trust. A yoga school gives you the perfect opportunity to forge new relationships based on unconditional love and respect for yoga.

There Is This ‘Call From Inside’

You’re probably accustomed with the word intuition. Deep inside, something tells you that, ‘Go for it’ or ‘Don’t you ever think of doing that’. That call comes from inside you and you’ve to be very attentive to listen to that inner-call. It can come to you anytime – while practicing, while thinking about something or just while watching others practice.

And suddenly, you know that you have to do it no matter what. If you have experienced an inner-call like that probably it’s your time to take up the challenge and undergo an intensive yoga training program.

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