Effective Yoga and Meditation Poses For Beginners

Some of the most effective yoga and meditation poses for beginners can be done at home, helping you to achieve a healthy mind-body practice.

Why get a single meal when you can grab the best combo at an effective price? This is pretty much how yoga and meditation are, put together. The wise men of the Indian subcontinent didn’t waste their lives trying several yoga poses, improving their flexibility while meditating every single day, even on Sundays. Their sheer dedication to mind-body practices has changed the world.

This is why, even after thousands of years, all of us consider giving yoga and meditation a chance even if we fail at doing them every day. The power of yoga and meditation is expanding all over the world, beginning with several aspiring yogis taking yoga teacher training in Nepal.

The benefits of doing yoga and meditation are limitless, even for beginners who never had any training in yoga and meditation. Many Ayurveda courses in Kerala aim at yoga and mindfulness practices for improving the mind, body, and spirit in a better way.

The holistic approach towards dealing with real-life problems is as real as it gets because unlike social media, it requires you to leave your couch and land on your feet so that you can experience solutions for body pain by engaging your body and mind together. Are you ready to be the yoga and meditation beginner? Let’s get started to help you achieve a healthy mind-body practice.

Here Are Three Amazing Beginner Yoga Poses You Can Try At Home, Starting From Today:


  • Bharadvaja’s Twist

There’s no need to jump in fear as you read the word “twist”. It’s a perfect posture if you suffer from back pain and want to begin a night routine of gentle yoga poses that don’t last for more than a minute. Yes, you read it right.

You can make this your night-time routine as before going to bed, all you have to do is relax and sit on your feet. Gently turn your neck to the right and reach your left foot with your right arm.

Imagine coiling your body with the right arm from the back so that your shoulder opens up and your spine feels the twist nicely. This is an excellent posture for anyone who spends more than 8 hours on an uncomfortable chair.


  • Cat & Cow Pose

If you take 3 minutes out from your day (yes, just 3 minutes!) for a spinal dance before going to bed or after waking up, rest assured your spine will thank you the entire day.

The whole point of yoga is to help you extend your spine so that you look like the most dignified human while you walk. Besides the joke, an erect spine is easily achievable with the 3-minute cat and cow pose every day.

Just sit in a tabletop position and stretch your back inwards and outwards as you gently breathe. Go for it if you can’t afford massage therapies. We highly recommend it to every yoga beginner.


  • Cobra pose

Wishing to twist and turn in life like a pro snake? Try cobra pose. It may not give you an athlete’s flexibility but all athletes begin from somewhere.

How about you begin your day with a simple cobra pose where you lie flat on your stomach and gently rise with upper back supporting you as your lower half of the body lies flat. It’s a great pose for any beginner who wants to enter the world of yoga.


Here Are Three Amazing Meditation Poses That Every Beginner Should Try At Least Once:


  • Walking meditation

This practice is as real as it gets. Several Buddhist practitioners perform the graceful art of zazen, also known as walking meditation which is all about taking a deep breath and exhaling while you take the next step.

Just find a quiet place and align your breathing to walking and experience a life-changing 5 or 10 minutes you devote to this practice.

Many practitioners of zazen believe that doing walking meditation improves concentration and increases the mind’s capacity to function better in several areas of life, beginning with a demanding job. If you are not a fan of meditating while sitting, it’s time to meditate while walking then.


  • Lying down meditation

It’s not a sham when we say you can meditate while lying down. The entire purpose of meditation is mindfulness and every beginner begins by focusing on her breath. So just lie down as you wake in the morning or before going to bed.

Gently close your eyes and inhale deeply while exhaling with a sound (to make mediation fun and interesting). Repeat the whole process 10 times and face the day naturally.

As you begin to like the mindfulness practice, your body will automatically extend the time to 20, then 30 minutes, and over time, you will become a pro at meditating. But begin with the simplest of the simple exercises, i.e., noticing your breathing.


  • Kneeling meditation

Sometimes, kneeling is easier than sitting cross-legged and every beginner must begin with the easiest step that’s out there in the world. So, begin today with a gentle kneeling exercise.

Find a comfortable position and gently allow your mind to focus on how you breathe. If it’s a short breath, don’t worry. If it’s irregular breathing, don’t worry at all. The whole point for a meditation beginner is to just notice how their bodies breathe.

It’s like watching a sunset—we can’t change how it sets or where it sets. So we simply look at it. That’s how it goes with meditation initially. So begin noticing how you breathe and silently observe how a simple act of breathing changes your life for the better.

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