How Staying Creative Could Save Your Life

Being creative is one of the most beautiful qualities and coping mechanisms we can possess in life. There is something about engaging your senses in building something that ultimately can help to quieten the mind. It can also allow you to regain your purpose.

While scientists suggest there is a link between creativity and mental illness, there is also evidence to suggest it can enhance your productivity. In particular, creative people can become better problem solvers in all areas of their life.

A Personal Experience With Creativity

In my own personal experience, I have found that whenever I am struggling to accept the present moment, I am lost in the endless thoughts that my mind generates. I feel hopeless to my present circumstances because I am in my mind. There have been times in the past where I wanted to create positive changes in my life, yet my situation dictated to me differently.

The only way to let go of my feelings of frustration was to place my mind out of my situation.

By focussing on what I could create, I instantly shifted from feeling helpless, to feeling in control and in charge of creating something beautiful. It may have only been something small, yet it gave me back my power. In that moment I regained my confidence, gave my confidence back to myself and focussed on what I could create, moment by moment.


Why Creativity Is Important

Personal experience aside, developing your creativity is so important as it allows you to do the following:


  • Develop Your Confidence – There are risks involved with showing and expressing your art to people. The more you feel comfortable expressing your art to those around you, in turn you wil receive feedback that helps you to make your work better. And the more comfortable you feel showing your art, the more fear you release. Confidence develops over time and the more you practice, the more self-suffcient you become. This can feed into your self-belief and allow you to truly believe in yourself and your abilities to create.


  • Solve Problems. When you are creative, you open your mind to new possibilities of solving problems. Instead of taking a linear or logical approach, being creative can allow you to adapt your thinking to unknown situations. Studies show that creative people are able to better live with uncertainty as they have an adaptive mindset. This means they are able to adapt their thinking to deal with unknown situations.


  • May Help You To Live Longer. Creativity was found to be the underlying factor  involved in decreased mortality risk. Researchers believe that creativity offer protective health benefits as it draws on the neural networks within the brain. Creativity can help you to live longer but it can also improve your quality of health too.


Remember that there a thousand ways to be creative. You simply have to find an activity that makes you feel happy and content on a regular basis. As a human being, you have the potential to use your imagination in innumerable ways.

By connecting your practical skills with your creativity, its possible to explore a range of opportunities. From here you can develop your creations further, collab with other creative influencers and more.

What inspires you to be creative? Let us know in the comments below.

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