27 Positive Affirmations For Anxiety and Panic

These 27 positive affirmations for anxiety and panic relief can help you to maintain a collective calm and nurture a sense of peace within.

Positive affirmations can have a powerful impact on your consciousness. Self-affirmations in particular, have been shown to have powerful effects on minimising anxiety and stress. What makes affirmations so powerful is how they can gradually transform your life.

By focussing your consciousness on positive affirmations, you channel your mind on the qualities that can attract new thoughts and feelings. This can, with continuous repetition, lead you into believing these new thought-forms.

Reading, listening to or speaking your own positive affirmations on a daily basis can begin to transform you from the inside out.

Right now, the mainstream media and the general feelings of the public consciousness are one of fear and anxiety. The constant fear of the coronavirus and its repetitive message is increasing people’s anxiety and panic to unprecedented levels.

What’s important right now is to stay calm and focussed. These positive affirmations for anxiety and panic can help you to relax and stay in your happy space during this troubling time.


Positive Affirmations For Anxiety and Panic:

1. I am relaxed and at peace with my current situation

2. I am calm and safe

3. I am thankful for everything I currently have

4. I understand that whatever troubles I am facing, this too will pass

5. Everything is going to be alright 

6. I accept that even though these times may be making me feel fearful – underneath I know everything is going to be ok

7. I focus on kindness and choose to see it in others now

8. I allow myself to take each day at a time

9. I use this time alone to strengthen my spiritual practice

10. I see the bright side of any situation

11. I choose to now focus on my creativity

12. I am blessed with good health

13. I am free to express myself openly

14. I breathe deeply and let my worries go

15. When I relax, I bring my power back

16. Good times will return to me soon

17. Letting go of fear allows me to see the truth 

18. I let go of any anxious thoughts and find peace within

19. I choose to enjoy my day now

20. I choose to use this time for self-healing and my own personal growth

21. I relax knowing I am in control of my reactions

22. I now choose love over fear

23. I focus on the positive in any negative situation 

24. I acknowledge that things are always in flux and I choose to trust the process 

25. Today is a good day to work towards my personal goals

26. I am learning from this situation and staying safe

27. I am calm, collected and at peace within the present moment


Stay focussed on your peace, build a calm in yourself and then collectively with your family, friends and community. Inspire others with your sense of calm and kindness. In doing this, we will all help each other to learn, grow and heal during times of crisis.

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