How To Stay Calm When The World Is Falling Apart

Discovering how and why to stay calm and retain your peace is essential when the world as we know it seems to have descended into chaos.

We live in unprecedented times and learning how to stay calm almost feels like an art itself for many people right now. By default, we are being taught to be chaotic – in our mind, emotions and thoughts. Prior to 2020, for many, the onset of a worldwide pandemic in the 21st century seemed impossible, something that had been relegated to a bygone age.
What unexpected chaotic circumstances can teach us is the fear of the unknown. That despite the world seeming to appear ordered, life is actually very uncertain. We have no control over a situation such as a viral pandemic. It’s out of our hands.
Suddenly, things we may normally take for granted – spending time with family and friends, is becoming a precious commodity. We are being advised to stay indoors and stay safe, on lockdown from each other.

What Does It All Mean?

If there’s one thing a major catastrophe or trauma can teach us, its that our time here is limited. It’s not all meant to be plain-sailing either. We are fallible beings who are here to serve, to help each other and to grow.
Once you realise that life isn’t what you expect it to be – you can begin to let go of your expectations and live more presently, within each moment.
Anyone with anxiety may be struggling right now to keep calm and to stay present. The world as we know it seems to be falling apart; society feels like its collapsing and the four walls of stability may be crumbling around us.
What significant changes do teach, is that it forces us to embrace change.
Change always feels difficult as it can mean letting go of everything we once recognised and embracing something new. Chaos creates division and the opportunity to follow a road of panic and fear, or to stay calm and choose a positive outcome.
When you retreat into something completely, it can be challenging to see a way out. If you let fear or panic lead the way, you will spiral down emotionally and be unable to find your way.

Calm is Key 

The only way you can see clearly through increasingly negative-feeling situations is to stay calm. Choose the peace and recollection that’s already inside of you. Instead of panic, decide to nurture your spirit and embrace the calm within.
Watching the news 24/7, overthinking or giving into fear are all ways that you may disempower yourself and your place in the world. Being aware is ok – but sometimes you need to also draw a fine line over anything that lowers your emotional state or makes you drop from a place of calm – and fall into panic instead.

How to Stay Calm

Right now, you need to embrace a slower way of life. As we’ll all be self-isolating until further notice, its essential that you learn to enjoy alone time. Depending on your mindset and whether you fall into an introverted or extroverted type of character, will affect how you view the world – and how you cope with this crisis.
Deep breathing exercises are the most valuable technique you should use on a daily basis. Learning to breathe properly from the diaphragm – taking long and slow inhalations and exhalations can make a big difference to your emotional state.
Meditation or spending time in quiet contemplation is essential for quieting the mind. It’s the first step to healing any form of anxiety you may currently be experiencing. Anxiety comes when you’re not present. By focussing on the quiet within, its possible to release any mental tension and find peace within this moment.
Relaxing is a big part of relieving anxiety, so using techniques such as meditation, deep breathing exercises and even essential oils such as lavender or clary sage can all create a therapeutic and peaceful mental experience.
Crystals are another useful energetic tool to work with as they can promote a sense of peace, prosperity and wellness. Rose quartz is excellent for promoting feelings of self love, peace and harmony especially when you feel down.
Amethyst is a crystal that’s excellent for protecting the wearer against harm, relieving stress and promoting a sense of peacefulness within. You may want to work with these crystals to soothe any feelings of anxiety, sadness or depression.
Most importantly, its essential to take a positive perspective and choose to have a flexible approach to whatever is happening. Your attitude and reaction to it will have the biggest impact on how you cope with any adverse situation you find yourself in life.

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