Embracing The Flower Moon Meaning: Blossom Into Who You Are

The Flower Moon meaning is one of new possibilities and speaking your truth, to regain clarity over yourself, the past and future.

Embracing The Flower Moon Meaning: Blossom Into W

Flower Moon’s spiritual meaning this 7th May is a beautiful message that will speak to your mind, body and soul. Known as the “Full Blessing Moon” or “Full Flower Moon”, “The Corn Planting Moon” and the “Bright Down” – its aptly named because flowers go into full bloom in the month of May.

As Beltane has just occurred on May 1st (halfway between the spring equinox and summer solstice), the Flower Moon has come to represent a time that’s pregnant with energy and infinite possibilities.

Flowers have a powerful representation associated with abundance, blossoming and truly becoming your potential. It’s a real opportunity to look beyond yourself and appreciate everything that nature provides us.


Scorpio in the Flower Moon

Along with this potential to blossom into who you are, the flower moon is also in the sign of Scorpio – meaning there may be a sting somewhere. Scorpio is known to have a dark secretive side, making them easily jealous or resentful in certain situations.

What this final Supermoon of 2020 represents is growth and transformation into something more beautiful. Its also encouraging us to express our feelings and what feels true to us.

The Flower Moon may also be advising us to let go of and forgive an old friend or someone who wronged us. Its time to move into a new mental space where we feel invigorated and able to communicate clearly our intentions.

Being ready to move on feeling lighter, clearer and more in control of your life is exactly what this Flower Moon represents – all we have to do is tap into its energy and begin to harvest its potential for ourselves.

Sacred Flower Moon Ritual

Embracing The Flower Moon Meaning: Blossom Into Who You Are








To tap into your spring goddess energy and embrace everything that is new and wonderful about the Flower Moon, here is a simple ritual you can practice today to bring in more positive upliftment into your everyday life…

1. Clean your space

This means cleaning your house of anything that has served its purpose, is broken, maybe creating negativity or giving you anxiety.

2. Clean your mind and body

Meditating even for a few moments, along with bathing (preferably in salt water to cleanse the aura), can all aid in promoting a clear mind, body and energetic resonance.

3. Set up an altar

By keeping your spiritual practice in a designated area, you can create more focus and build the energetic intention towards whatever you desire to attract in life.

An altar should focus your attention on spiritual endeavours. For example you may want to fill your altar with candles, crystals, flowers, plants, positive mantras/affirmations, prayers or the like. The more you concentrate this energy, the more it will be attracted to you.

4. Draw Tarot Cards

By closing your eyes and setting an intention before drawing tarot cards, you can ask your guides to send you messages. This will help you to reveal the truth about a situation. They can also give you guidance about the past, present and future. You may want to do a three-card spread for this for extra clarity.

The Tower card in particular, can also be used for restructuring and change. While The Star tarot card is recommended for inciting a peaceful mental state, ideal for meditation.

5. Journal

Writing is one of the best forms of therapy that can provide a helpful ritual for our thoughts and ideas. Whatever your worries, hopes or goals are, writing them in a journal can be a mindful act. This allows you to accept what is, let go, or find a peaceful resolution.


The Flower Moon Meaning For You

This Flower Moon is the perfect opportunity to let go of the past. Whatever you want to draw into your life, its possible. From here you can express your true feelings. Then you can begin planting seeds that will help you to blossom into your true potential over the coming seasons.

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