5 Powerful Aura Cleansing Techniques You Can Use At Home

Learn how these simple aura cleansing techniques can help you to let go of negative energy and support you into a better sense of yourself.

5 Powerful Aura Cleansing Techniques You Can Use At Home

Aura cleansing is an essential practice to letting go of negative energies and enabling you to reclaim your power.

During these unprecedented times, learning to let go of your fears and coming into a peaceful place in yourself is mandatory to enhancing your wellbeing and staying sane, especially during times of lockdown.

Letting go of heavier, more negative energies can allow you to reclaim your power to be yourself. Releasing negative energy means you are free to find your peace and what makes you happy again.

Just like being weighed down by heavy baggage means you can’t move forward – letting go means you lighten the load and are now free to move into a healthier, happier and brighter future.

These simple aura cleansing techniques can help you to let go of what’s holding you back so you’re emotionally free and happy. Easy to prepare, you can make them yourself at home…

1. Sage Yourself and Your Space

Using white sage sticks or making your own herbal blend is ideal to have around. By lighting sage and then smudging yourself or your sacred space, this can help to release negative energies or spirits that may have attached to your aura and may be holding you back.

White sage has long been used in cleansing and healing rituals to help change or shift energy. Regular smudging of yourself or your sacred space is recommended. This allows you to let go of negative energy and allows only room for positive energy into your life.

2. Selenite

White Selenite crystals have a powerful cleansing effect on the aura and energetic field. Try holding a piece of white selenite in your hand or on your body and allowing its energy to cleanse your space.

Selenite is known for promoting peace and may help to stop any mind chatter that creates confusion or disharmony in your life.

3. Salt Baths

Simple salts, when poured into a bath, can aid in cleansing and purifying the aura. Negative energies can build up over time and linger in the energetic field.

Salt baths are a simple way to bring our energy field back into a harmonious state. Its recommended to bathe in a tub of bath salts for at least 30 minutes as this then allows for deep skin penetration and cleansing.

Using unrefined sea salt or Himalayan sea salt is recommended for best results as they provide beneficial minerals. Adding a few drops of essential oils such as lavender can aid in creating further relaxation.

4. Meditation

By meditating on the sensations in your body, you can begin to shift the energy. Ground yourself first by focussing on the root chakra. This is the first of the seven major chakras, located at the base of the spine. Its associated with the colour red. Imagine a red light extending from it, anchoring you into the earth.

Once you are rooted, you can then begin to visualise a pure white light coming over your crown chakra, moving down over your body. protecting you like a veil. This veil brings a sense of peace into your being.
The light penetrates into your body and your aura. Then envision a blanket of protective violet light being wrapped over you, covering your entire aura. Allow this healing violet light to form a blanket over your being, enabling you to feel calm, supported and to develop a deeper sense of inner peace. Knowing you are always protected and supported.

5. Surround Yourself with Sunlight

Spending time outside in the sun can be a healing experience for your body, mind and for raising your energies. Sunlight can nurture, expand and feed the aura, making you feel happier, more energised and optimistic. Playing out in the sunshine is highly recommended for supporting your physical and mental health.
As a great source of Vitamin D3, sunlight is readily absorbed into the skin and can have many immune-boosting effects. Sunshine is also recommended for supporting a range of health conditions. Even looking at bright, beautiful things can have a powerful and uplifting effect on our psyches. Try looking at sunflowers or images such as The Sun tarot card to boost your mood and find an instant shot of happiness.

Finding the Aura Cleansing Technique For You

There are various ways that you can cleanse your aura. All of which will lift your energies and make you feel safe, protected and happy. You can practice these aura cleansing techniques from the comfort of your own home and really start to feel more positive, energised and re-invigorated by life.
Alternatively, you may want to seek the services of a reiki healer who can help you in more detail to let go of old negative energies, raise your frequency and uplift your spirits.

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