10 Unbelievable Ways To Instantly Raise Your Vibration and Feel Good

Raise your vibration and feel good every day with these ten unbelievable ways to instantly shift your energy for the better.

Raise your vibration to attract amazing experiences your way.

When you raise your vibration you don’t just feel better, you’ll also begin to energetically resonate with different people, places and situations.

It can be one of the most challenging aspects of our lives to look at. Our underlying beliefs can be hardwired from childhood and we may have spent many years carving out our experiences – trying to make sense of why certain things happen only to us. Or so it seems.

Yet when we repeatedly have the same situations or circumstances raising themselves time and again – it might not be our fault. This is most likely due to our energetic resonance, stemming from our deep-set beliefs and subconscious programming that is playing itself out in our lives.

If you want to begin the process of overcoming the same troubling karmic cycles there is a simple process that can help.

This involves observation, awareness of your thought and emotional patterns and finally, involving yourself in energy practices can also enable you to create new thoughts, emotions and energy patterns within yourself, that will over time resonate with the world. This is how you change your frequency and its something that’s mentioned a lot in the law of attraction.

Here are ten of the best ways to begin to raise your vibration and start attracting wonderful positive experiences your way…

1. Create A Vision

By having a dream – a vision board of all your desires, you encourage them to you. Fill your vision board with aspirational images – focus on sections such as career, home, relationships, love, health and success. Look at this vision board every morning or night before going to bed so your vision is planted firmly into your consciousness.


2. Affirm Your New Life

Everything you desire is waiting for you, its just that sometimes our mindset or emotional energy patterns aren’t in alignment. For example, if you want a new job don’t go around saying you are unemployed.

What you say you are, is what you will eventually become. Always maintain a positive mindset towards who you desire to be. Instead, affirm your future position as if you are currently in that role. Or enjoying a healthy relationship if you are single, for example.

Repeating affirmations in the positive can enable you to future focus and ‘trick’ your mind that it’s already happening.


3. Practice Mindful Living

Being mindful of your own life means paying attention to the quality of your thoughts, emotional patterns and general interactions with others and the world around you. It’s about having an awareness of who you are, your stories, along with your belief structures. How can you pinpoint habits in your consciousness that are taking you away from your end goals? Where are you sabotaging yourself on a daily basis? Addressing these issues can shine a light on where you may be going wrong so you can start taking action steps towards improving your life.


4. Meditate – Even Just For A Few Moments

Practising meditation, even if it’s just for a few moments every single morning or evening can have a transformative effect on your mindset. Quieting your mind can help you to find inner peace, by reducing the ‘noise’ or endless thoughts and mind chatter that may be preventing you from thinking and seeing clearly. From here, you can begin to tap into your intuitive abilities to make the best decisions for you. Studies also show that meditation can boost a part of the brain that increases positive thinking and your capacity for happiness and reducing anxiety and stress levels. [1,2].


5. Practice Reiki

One of the easiest ways to raise your vibration is through energy healing practices such as reiki. By channelling “hands-on” energy known as “universal energy”, it’s possible to allow this life force energy to flow through any blockages in the body. When energy becomes unbalanced or stuck, we are more likely to feel stressed and unwell. Reiki is a simple spiritual practice that can shift this energy around the body, allowing it to flow freely. When energy flows freely, we stress less and when fear leaves, we naturally begin to raise our vibration and attract more wonderful things into our lives.


6. Keep Moving Your Body

Exercise is one of the easiest ways to ensure you keep the chi flowing around your body. Even just ten minutes of yoga, tai chi or pilates can encourage consistent energy flow around the centres (chakras) of your body. Being persistent with your exercise routine is essential to raising your energetic vibration and this can affect you on a mental, physical and spiritual level.


7. Tap Away Your Worries With EFT

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is an alternative treatment that can help you to remove pain and emotional distress from your energy body. By using your index and middle fingers to ‘tap’ on the energy centres (on the crown, side of the eyes, forehead, under the eye, top of the lip, under the chin, on the chest, under the arm and on the wrists).

By doing this, you can release any trapped emotions that may be causing you pain, distress, fear or anxiety. Anything negative can eventually be ‘tapped’ out of the body’s energetic system so you can find relief. You may need to do a few cycles of this to be able to find relief from the build-up of energy (emotion) in the system.


8. Be Grateful For Everything In Your Life

Gratitude is the power to accept everything you already have in your life. Each day is a blessing in itself, yet sometimes it’s simply about reminding yourself of the small things you may have achieved. Every day may not be a great day, yet your attitude and approach to it can make a world of difference.

Life may not always be amazing – bad things do happen, yet when we place our attention on the good things in life, we can shift our perspective to one of peaceful acceptance to what is.


9. Choose To Do Something That Challenges You

By challenging yourself regularly, you can begin to shift your perceptions of your identity and what your capabilities are. Perhaps you never imagined yourself writing a book, or climbing a mountain. Or maybe you will choose to do something exciting and out of the ordinary. Perhaps it feels at odds with your personality to do risque things. It’s essential to know that when you go out of your comfort zone, you begin to raise your energetic vibration too.


10. Invest In You

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the external world and everything ‘out there’. Yet, in reality, there is only the inside world being projected outwards. When you focus on yourself and investing in your energy, time, emotional space and self-love practices, you begin to nourish and protect yourself. You enhance your energy levels, raise your vibration and begin to feel good every day. From this new energetic shift, you will begin to attract new experiences your way, and truly begin to transform your reality from the inside out.

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