Which Spirit Animal Are You?

Finding your spirit animal is about looking to the nature kingdom for inspiration in the type of qualities you wish to possess more of.

Which Spiritual Animal Are You?

Have you ever felt that spirit animals are watching over you? Maybe you’ve seen their symbolism in dreams, or in various forms as you go about your daily routine.

Each of us has an energetic resonance with different creatures in nature and sometimes, it’s simply about getting in tune with the qualities they possess, to embody more of their spirit in ourselves.

What Are Spirit Animal Totems?

Spirit animals are our messengers, that provide symbolic meaning and resonance throughout the patterns of our own lives.

Spirit animals can be different for everyone but ultimately provide us with a unique insight into our emotional, mental and spiritual selves.

Take a look at the following 15 spirit animals and their meanings…


1. Owl

An owl symbolises a deep connection to wisdom and intuitive knowledge. They are strategic, and have a fierce intelligence that  is unprecedented. Owl dreams can however, be negative and often represent a need for awareness about your current situation and surroundings.

As nocturnal animals, owls are the inner realisation of your actions and thoughts in waking life. Generally they represent intution, wisdom, change and the ability to sense deceit.


2. The Horse

As a majestic animal, horses represent your emotions, passion and drive for success and your own personal freedom. Of all spirit animals, horses symbolise strong motivation in life and a wild nature at heart.

The horse spirit animal symbolises your driving force, strong emotions and also your sexual energy. The latter can also relate to your drive to achieve, create and move forward in life.


3. The Dog

Known as man’s best friend, canines are loyal, loving and protective of their owners. Being reliable protectors, dogs serve their owners interests, are trustworthy, dependable and signify unconditional love. If dogs are your spirit animal, it means that you have a big heart and are protective and loyal to those you love.


4. The Cat

The cat has a beautiful, feminine energy. Anyone who resonates with the cat as their spiritual animal often has a curious and independent nature about themselves and to the world around them. Adventurous and playful, cats encourage you to develop a balance between independence and playfulness.


5. Spider

If you are scared of spiders, it might be because they bring up your sense of feeling trapped or awaiting something (as a spider awaits their pray). Spiders are receptive and patient in how they weave their web, meaning they are highly feminine and passive in nature. They are a beautiful spirit animal that can teach you a lot about yourself and the way you engage with the world.


6. Lion

As a majestic power animal, lions represent courage, being a fighter and overcoming difficulties. Lions have a wild strength meaning they can be difficult to tame yet when their assertiveness or aggression is channelled into the right places, it can become its ultimate strength.


7. Snake

The symbolic meaning of a snake is representative of primal energy. As an animal totem, the snake symbolises healing opportunities, life transitions, change and increased energy are manifesting within your life.

Snakes often feel deceptive in how they hide and slither, but they also represent being flexible with yourself and your life path.


8. The Hawk

As a bird of prey, hawks have the power of focus and clear vision. The hawk totem is about seeing situations from a higher perspective, being a powerful messenger of truth. It’s also about being able to ‘see the bigger picture’ and developing a spiritual awareness that goes beyond your current understanding.


9. The Wolf

Anyone who resonates with the wolf might find themselves being fiercely independent and a fighter for their freedom. Wolves pay attention to and follow their instincts, using their sharp intelligence to be incredibly discerning about who they allow in their life.

There is a saying the ‘lone wolf’ and these stunning creatures are not afraid to stand out from the crowd, following their own path – no matter how lonely it may appear to others.


10. The Dolphin

Playful and cheeky, dolphins remind us to have fun in life and find humour and joy in the everyday things. As spirit animals, dolphins represent harmony and balance.

People who find resonance with the dolphin totem are usually peaceful and gentle, with a deep inner strength. General qualities that dolphins represent include resurrection, peace and protection.


11. The Fox

Being a swift and cunning creature, the fox is about being able to be swift and manouvere around obstacles. Along with wisdom, foxes represent your ability to use or develop quick thinking, adaptability and responsiveness especially in the face of tricky situations.


12. The Butterfly

As a spirit animal, butterflies signify personal transformation on various levels. Along with being colourful and pretty to look at, butterflies represent the power of rebirth and the role that nature plays in the process of life. They also symbolise postive change, hope and new beginnings.


13. The Panda

Being gentle giants, pandas have a soft and fuzzy appearance and yet, they have a strong and peaceful sense of inner strength. Pandas also represent your own personal boundaries and feeling grounded and safe, wherever you are in life.

The panda is a fantastic symbol of peace, good luck and walking through life with gentle strength in whatever situations you may face.


14. The Frog

As a spirit animal, the frog is closely connected to the water element and the world of emotions and feminine energies. Being near water is cleansing. Frogs remind us to be more in tune with this energy and like water, to go with the flow of the transient nature of life.

Frogs are representative of the ancient wisdom within each of us, along with the rebirth, cleansing and transformation involved in this process.


15. The Bear

As a symbol of strength and force, the bear is about having the courage to stand up against adversity and protect what is rightfully yours.

Being related to earth and nature, the bear is about being grounded in your approach to life. It’s also about being guided to support yourself and others through physical and emotional healing.

The bear spirit animal represents action and leadership. Being grounded in your approach and finding the strength and courage to fight for and protect your own.


Can Your Spiritual Animal Change Over Time?

Yes, just like humans, we are capable of changing our spirit animal as we go through the journey of life. At various times we may feel like the dolphin, happy and carefree. While at other times we may resonate with the lion – the strong, fierce protector.

It’s natural to resonate with a range of energies at different times. This can look different for everyone. We can also work with our spirit animals as part of our daily lives, to attract more of those energies into our existence.

For example, if you want to bring more willpower and strength, you may use the animal totems such as the bear, wolf or lion. While anyone wanting more patience may look at the spider in his web, the cat with its playful and curious spirit. For wisdom, look to the birds of prey such as the hawk and the owl for the type of qualities  you wish to add into your life.

Whatever new energies you are wanting to attract into your life, look no further than nature and the animal kingdom – and choose to take inspiration from our furry friends.

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