How To Trust Your Intuition And Live Your Best Life

Learn how to trust your intuition by discovering simple practices you can follow to develop inner knowing and be guided through life.

How To Trust Your Intuition And Live Your Best Life
Discovering how to trust your intuition can be the best guidance you’ll ever need to navigate life’s challenges

Learning how to trust your intuition can be a challenge in these uncertain times. We are having to face new insights about our beliefs and cultural mindset that may have previously gone unchallenged.

The mass awakening of humanity is now reaching its peak. Our souls are calling for reflection upon our experiences on this planet so far. We are being called to act and recreate how we want our world to be going forward.

For many, it feels like we are at a crossroads. We can choose to take the path of least resistance or to make the brave leap into the unknown. It can be a daunting prospect when faced with the option of staying where we are, or choosing to evolve our consciousness beyond our current understanding.

Our sense of normality and our belief system is being challenged on a mass scale. Each one of us came here for a different soul purpose. Depending upon your mindset and current life experiences, all of these factors can determine the type of choices you will make in future.

At the present moment, the mass consciousness has been injected with a lot of fear and uncertainty about the role of humanity going forward. The advances of science and technology now serve to help but also to separate us from our soul’s intuition if we are not careful. Therefore, listening to and learning to trust your intuition has never been so important.

What Is Intuition?

Your intuition is the ability to instinctively know something, without thinking about it. It’s listening to your subconsciousness and having an inner knowing of what will happen.

It goes beyond your mind’s own thoughts and any conscious mental understanding – and into the realm of the superconsciousness. It’s in this realm that your higher awareness is activated and an innate sense of knowing occurs.

Many people state that they ‘had a feeling’ or an awareness something will happen just before the event actually does. For example, there are cases where people had an inner knowing not to turn up for work that day in the World Trade Center when the 9/11 attack occurred.

In 1912, some reports claim that future voyagers had ominous dreams about the Titanic. They decided against travelling on the vessel, shortly before the ill-fated liner hit an iceberg and sank into the Atlantic Ocean.

Your intuition is an inner knowing. When tapped into correctly, it can be used as a guide to help you navigate through life.

How To Tap Into And Trust Your Intuition

Learning to tap into your intuition is really about quieting the mind so that you can listen to what your higher awareness already knows. You can begin to do this by developing the skill of listening to your intuition. This comes from a place of deep self-trust. It’a also about boosting your self-confidence to recognise that you are being supported and guided by the Universe.

During these unusual times, learning to listen to yourself is essential. Both for your own survival and for the future evolution of your consciousness. In doing this you can trust the unfolding of your life experiences.

Listening to yourself is the first step. Yet sometimes we do not have a peaceful foundation to cultivate this skill. This is why certain practices can help us to clear this emotional or mental debris. This can prevent us from tapping into our intuitive resource.

Practices For Deeper Clarity and Intuition

Knowing that our intuition can be tapped into when we are in a place of clarity, it makes sense that the more we develop this skill – the more intuitive knowing we will receive. That’s why certain mindfulness practices can enable you to develop this personal skillset.

Take a look at the list below to develop your deepest sense of intuition…

1. Meditation Practice

Taking the time to go within and meditate can enable your inner voice to speak to you with clarity. Quiet your mind  and you will clearly hear your intuition. Meditation practice even just for 10 minutes each day, can help you to cultivate this quality in yourself.

2. Listen To Your Intuition Daily

Practising meditation can naturally increase your intuitive abilities but the key is to be gentle with yourself and listen. Cultivating your intuition takes time but it is a natural process that allows you to open up towards a deeper sense of awareness.

3. Tarot Cards

Working with tarot cards even for 5-10 mins daily can help you to unlock your subconscious mind and begin to embrace your intuitive power. Different tarot cards can help you to unlock the various aspects of yourself. For example, working with the Hierophant is recommended for higher awareness (intuition), while The High Priestess can connect you with your subconscious mind. The Magician help with manifesting for example, while the Empress can help you to cultivate your creativity.

4. Write Daily

By writing your thoughts down you bring curiosity and awareness to yourself. This is why gratitude journaling is so important, It allows the stream of conscious thoughts to flow from you and onto the paper. You bring clarity and mind-body-heart connection to your thoughts and expressions. From here you can begin to generate new steps to take going forward.

5. Spend Time In Nature

By going for a walk or exploring a natural surrounding, we connect with the elements – Earth – Land, Air – Clouds, Water – Lakes or Oceans and Fire – Sunlight. In connection with these natural elements, we begin to nurture our minds, slow down our senses and begin to open our intuition up to new insights and revelations with every step we take.

6. Learn To Feel More

Sometimes your intuition does not come as a voice but as a body feeling. Learning to pay attention to how your body feels towards certain thoughts or feelings in your daily experience is an important practice you can use to get in touch with your gut instinct.

7. Become An Active Observer

Being an observer means being an active participant with the conscious field of life. It could mean practising being observant of others, their behaviours, thoughts, actions. Becoming attuned to different people’s energies is an essential practice you can use to develop a deeper sense of intuition.

8. Practice Breathwork

Breathing is the key to life that can change your energetic vibration. Manipulating the breath through breathing techniques can help you to relax and discover powerful insights about yourself and your place in the world.

9. Trust Yourself

Learning to be true to yourself means you create a foundation of self-trust based on honesty, transparency and self-respect when it comes to your interactions with the world. Trusting who you are is the first step to learning to listen to yourself and being able to tap into your intuition.

These are some of the easiest ways to start to build your intuition and create a deeper connection to yourself in the process. It begins with learning to listen to yourself and your place in the greater awareness. From this place of deeper understanding, you can begin to activate these seeds of potential and make them manifest in to your reality.



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