How To Work With Your Solar Plexus Chakra To Build Strong Self-Esteem

How To Work With Your Solar Plexus Chakra To Build Strong Self-Esteem

Your Solar Plexus chakra is at the centre of your confidence and self-esteem. As the third primary chakra in the body, on a physical level it represents our core – where our bodily organs reside. The kidneys, liver and adrenal glands play a fundamental part in our wellbeing. It is from this solar plexus that we generate our willpower, personal boundaries and our sense of self in the world.

As the center of our personal power, the solar plexus is where our courage resides. It is in this area that we can learn how to create and respond to energies…both within ourselves and in how we respond to others. New ideas, responsibilities, personal will, expression and your ability to convey wisdom are all stored here. If you’re having issues with the solar plexus chakra you may:

  • Experience low self-esteem
  • Take rejection personally
  • Feel uncertain and unconfident
  • Have no motivation in your daily routines or life goals
  • Procrastinate or delay taking action out of fear
  • Have trouble making decisions
  • Not want to take responsibility for your actions
  • Experience control issues

If you can relate to any of the above behavioural patterns, it could be that your solar plexus chakra is blocked. This makes it difficult to reach your true potential. This makes it difficult to move forward in life, feeling confident that you are taking the right actions that will bring you closer to your destiny. It’s safe to stay where you are rather than to take a risk.

Fed up of playing small and struggling with low self-esteem?

Anyone who struggles with self-confidence or self-esteem issues will know how challenging it can be to step outside of their comfort zone. By working with the solar plexus chakra it’s possible to untangle some of those struggles. Therefore, these techniques can help you to activate and unblock your solar plexus…

Repeat Positive Power Affirmations

By affirming a positive statement, you bring your power back to yourself. Try repeating these power affirmations daily. Moreover, by repeating this first thing in the morning and just before going to sleep the mantra sinks into the subconscious mind. For instance, here are some power statements you may want to use:

Every day, I am feeling more confident in myself.

  • I am confident and capable of achieving my goals.
  • I’m feeling motivated to take action now.
  • I have the courage to create positive changes in my life.
  • I now choose to take courageous action towards living my best life.
  • By letting go of control I accept that my power is in how I respond to situations.
  • I am now standing in my personal power.
  • The power is in my hands to change my life.

Practice Postures That Balance Your Solar Plexus Chakra

Movement is a fantastic way to get the chi (energy) flowing freely around the body. Importantly, this trapped energy can then be released by stimulating the energy meridian points (as with acupressure techniques for example). However, there are simple yoga poses that can strengthen your solar plexus.

The Sun Salutation

Firstly the Sun Salutation is part of twelve postures that flow from one to the next that are practiced at sunrise. This yoga sequence works deeply with the Manipura/Solar Plexus centre. Secondly, deep breathing exercises and gentle flowing movements can help you to remove feelings of anger, jealousy, frustration. In addition, the Sun Salutation pose also helps to increase your confidence and inner power. Thirdly, it’s great for flexibility, toning muscles, focussing the mind and energising the body.

The Warrior Pose

Warrior is a strong yoga pose that will connect you with the earth and open up your solar plexus area. Practiced regularly, it can help you to develop the qualities of a warrior – courage, discipline and concentration. There are two versions of this pose – Warrior I (with the arms above the head) and Warrior II (with the arms outstretched horizontally, see image above). Finally, the Warrior pose can strengthen the hips, knees and legs. It’s also recommended for increasing your lower back strength.

Chant ‘Ram’

Each chakra located along the spine has a vibrational sound that can be tapped into to release any stagnant energy. For the solar plexus, this chant is Ram. As a bija (seed sound), Ram is the mantra for unlocking the solar plexus that vibrates with this specific energy.

In other words, by repeatedly chanting Ram, it can help you to:

  • Boost your confidence
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Control negative impulses

Chanting Ram about ten times in the morning and evening can help to unblock the solar plexus chakra.

Choose a Solar Plexus Chakra Essential Oil

How To Work With Your Solar Plexus Chakra To Build Strong Self-Esteem

Anyone who is struggling with their solar plexus chakra should consider using an essential oil blend. During difficult times, this essential oil can provide extra support. Yellow flowers that resonate with the solar plexus area are the most beneficial. Some flower or crystal essences to look for in a solar plexus chakra essential oil blend includes…

Buttercup – Brings energy for inner strength and creativity

Dandelion – Can help with your internal fire

Garlic – Can help with confidence and asserting yourself

Luffa – It’s yellow colour can help you to focus on your personal power

Rose of Sharon – Helps to release and transform vibrations of anger

Moonstone – Calms your emotions and can balance sexual energies

Pearlstone – Can help you to balance your fire energy

Octahedron – Can help with healing, acceptance, forgiveness for yourself along with compassion for others

All of these essences are known for their elements that can support the solar plexus chakra.

In conclusion, by following these above tips it’s possible to improve your confidence and personal power as a result of working with the solar plexus chakra.

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