How To Reconnect With Yourself When You’re Feeling Lost

Reconnect with yourself with these simple practices to help you find more presence, happiness and joy every day.

Reconnect with yourself thanks to these simple tips to help you let go of old personal stories and move into a state of flow…

Losing yourself to your own personal stories is something that happens to many of us as we go through life. In our day-to-day lives, all of our attention is focussing outwards – on helping and caring for others. Along the way, we may have to reflect, reassess and let go of our own unmet needs and expectations of how we expected life to be. We may be met by many challenges and disappointments along the way.

Our minds love to focus on connecting the dots – and filling in the blanks as to why certain events or people acted the way they did. Part of the problem of this process is, that we can unconsciously become trapped passengers to our own mental stories. Trying to relive and fix what has already passed us by.

The Gift of Presence

Whatever has passed you by or has happened in the past, is gone. Learning to accept this can help you to focus on this moment. This very moment is a gift in itself as it’s where you can learn to reconnect with yourself and begin to create positive changes in your life.

This can be an opportunity in itself, to recreate your own life, by shifting your mindset to the areas that need the most connection. The truth is, there are a lot of different parts of ourselves that at any one time, may be in disconnection with our true self.

This can show up in many different parts of ourselves…

Loving self – How it relates to a partner, friends, family

Authentic, confident self – How we choose to show up in the world

Business self – How we choose to employ our services in the world

Future self – How we envision our future reality

Creative self – How we choose to be creative and create from a place of joy

Making Yourself Whole

It’s natural that at any time, we may feel more connected to one of these areas. Or a few areas…and less connected in other ways. You might be struggling with the loving self. This might make it difficult for you to form relationships with others. Yet, you might excel in the business self. Alternatively, you might be on fire when it comes to imagining the business you want to create in the world.

It’s knowing how to reconnect with yourself. It’s about bringing attention to the places where you need the most support. To rediscover the skills and talents that you might not have spent much time nurturing in your life journey. Or maybe you have shut parts down out of fear of not feeling good enough.

Discovering New Ways To Reconnect With Yourself

There are many ways in which we can begin to reconnect with yourself and your innate gifts. Here are just a few collective ideas that may help…

1. Journal

Journalling is the practice of connecting your mind and your heart and committing it onto paper. Whatever you are dreaming about, or feeling as a possibility, hold it in your space and begin to bring it forward. This is the power you hold as a Creator. That you are full of endless possibilities. It’s just that some are closer to you than others along this journey.

2. Create or join in with a community

It can be tempting to feel we need to go alone and do everything by ourselves. Yet we need the support of others in a supportive community space to reflect back to us our strengths and weaknesses. In our moments of sadness, and in our happy times, having people who can celebrate with us can help us to feel supported, and this in turn, amplifies our growth. The good news is that there are many groups we can now join virtually on Zoom

3. Go for a walk in nature

Research shows that walking can help with easing anxiety and depression symptoms. Going outside and being in a natural environment can help to boost your sense of feelgood, helping you to increase your mental alertness, energy and general mood. Whenever you can, get out of your home. Studies show that going for a walk can help to reduce feelings of depression. Taking in your change of surroundings, by breathing in fresh air and smiling at other people can all help you to feel more connected to your surroundings.

4. Reconnect With Yourself In Meditation

There’s a lot of mystery attached to the practice of meditation, yet it doesn’t have to feel like some unobtainable practice. The idea behind meditation is to bring awareness to yourself and presence yourself in the moment. Traditional meditation focuses on closing your eyes and going within. The ultimate aim of this practice is to achieve inner peace. It’s not the only way. There are multiple ways you can do this and they include washing the dishes or going out on a daily walk. These can be great ways to practice meditation for example. The key is to bring presence to what you are trying to achieve and to make it a daily habit.

5. Focus on the present moment

Staying in the present moment is a powerful mindfulness practice that encourages you to stay alert and focused to what is happening right now. Whatever you are doing, be there totally. The mind has a tendency to be scattered and to distract itself by thoughts of the future, or the past.

For example: I could’ve done that differently, then it would’ve lead to a different outcome.

We might say these things to ourselves, yet it doesn’t change. Maybe you’re focussed on the vision of the future. This results in forgetting to pay attention to what’s happening in the here and now. Bringing presence to ourselves and allowing everything to be exactly as it is, can help us to let go of any thoughts, attachments or expectations of how things should be. Developing awareness of the present moment can bring that connection back to ourselves too.

6. Visualise a happy future

Visualisation is a powerful technique you can use to envision your future life. Whatever you put in your mind’s eye and focus on with positive intent, has the potential to manifest into physical reality. This is the essence of manifesting – focusing with emotion and desire to bring forth what you want. Visualisation can help you to connect more deeply with your desires. This connects you to the deeper parts of yourself.

7. Get Creative

Being artistic comes in many forms. Artistic vision can express itself in multiple ways including music-making, drawing, painting, performing, crafts, and much more. Creativity helps us to go beyond our own limits. It helps us to embrace our spiritual nature and from here, we can connect to our human experience in magnificent new ways. Our creativity also helps us to connect to superconsciousness. From here we can begin to generate new ideas from the spiritual and etheric levels and into physical consciousness itself. We can then overcome our sense of limitations and old stories. In doing so, we can then become one with that imaginative energy that pulsates throughout all of life.

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