Hello and a very warm welcome to Spiritual Bliss. You are no doubt wondering what this website is about. Here is a little introduction….

Spiritual Bliss is designed to enlighten, inspire, motivate, nourish and support you in the journey through what can often seem like the crazy and often nonsensical series of events we call life.

Everything here is about sharing from the heart. Finding your inner God/Goddess and learning to honour the sacred space known as your soul. Regardless of your spiritual beliefs, or your intended destination, we can all agree that we want to get along, without feeling stressed or stuck.

In the process we want to live our life to the fullest, feeling supported, enriched and balanced. Along the way we’d love to inspire others to feel the same too. This is where the Spiritual Bliss community came into fruition.

Who created the Spiritual Bliss platform?

Spiritual Bliss is the life and love project of Anna Jones, a writer with an intense interest in all things spiritual.

Anna writes freelance about natural health and wellbeing. She is passionate about feeling great and supporting others to do the same.

In Anna’s own words…


Thanks so much for checking out my site. What started as a digital magazine and a great way to connect with like-minded people has become somewhat of a daily obsession for me in the pursuit of truth, self-empowerment and enlightenment.

I consider this as a community for those seeking refuge from the craziness of the modern world and its stressful demands. I hope that you enjoy reading this site as much as I did in creating it.

What is Spiritual Bliss about in a nutshell?

The world we live in is very action lead, results driven and designed to stress us out if we have too much of it. We need to learn how to be receptive and trust our intuition instead of second guessing ourselves all the time.

This is at the crux of Spiritual Bliss – helping you to feel balanced and self-empowered with spiritual knowledge and tools to enhance every aspect of your practical life.

If you’re looking for respite from the world and are interested in reading inspiring content that empowers your vision, fuels your mind and feeds your spirit, then Spiritual Bliss is for you.

I hope this community helps to provide you with unique and engaging articles, empowering meditations, amazing courses and other spiritual discourses and tools. The purpose of which is to enable you to grow as a person on your own spiritual path – no matter how traditional or personal that might be.”

Best of wishes

Anna Jones