One of the biggest parts of the Spiritual Bliss mission is to focus on Self-Belief. In fact, the initials of Spiritual Bliss could basically be reframed as Self-Belief and learning to love and believe in yourself and your mission on this planet.

When your self-belief is strong, no one can tear you down. It’s all about getting crystal clear on who you are, what you want and how to welcome in amazing new experiences.

What we may not realize is that all of our influences and positive experiences start on the inside; through the thoughts we think and the energetic vibration we are feeling and putting out into the Universe.

Our results in life are really down to the quality of the thoughts we are thinking. And our feelings. Our thoughts shape our beliefs and in turn, they push us to take the actions we need to get tasks done and achieve wonderful things.

The purpose of Spiritual Bliss is to encourage you to develop such strong self-belief and purpose that you do not doubt your mission. Instead you choose to brighten your light rather than dim your shine.