How To Embrace A New Beginning In Life

Life is filled with endings and beginnings. Sometimes they happen unexpectedly, such as with the loss of a loved one. Other times they occur naturally, as we become older and more experienced, our mindset changes too.

We no longer resonate with certain people, places, hobbies or events that may have previously shaped our life story. As a result, we may move away from situations that no longer serve us or benefit us in the long-term.

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Change can feel daunting – it opens up our hearts in ways we may not have expected it to. What makes change so emotionally scary for many, is how it creates a sense of unexpectedness. It breaks the sense of illusion we may have thought we had over our lives. All of this can feel as though we don’t have any power over what’s happening to us – and makes us realise that we’re living a human experience, but we don’t always necessarily see the bigger picture of our role and place within it.

The Art Of Letting Go

The act of letting go is difficult when we form emotional and mental bonds with people, places or are remembering a time in our lives that is no longer with us. We are in fact, grieving for our potential selves and the possibilities that we have now lost from knowing there is now closure around that part of our lives.

Yet letting go is essential to staying happy and healthy in life. Learning to presence yourself is key. You can do this by focussing in on what you currently have going on in your life to be thankful for. Finding things to be grateful for every day can help you to find joy in what’s happening right now.

Presencing Yourself In The Moment

Focusing on the present moment begins with getting still with yourself. Taking a deep breathe in, and allowing your thoughts to flow like water. Becoming the active observer of any thoughts or emotions that may be emerging in the space. Once you are present with yourself, you can begin creating a sense of self-acceptance and peace in where you are in the moment – regardless of your external circumstances.

Forgiveness For Yourself and Others

Maybe it’s not easy to move on from the past – and to let go and move forward in life. Perhaps it doesn’t feel natural to forgive others or past experiences, when someone has ‘wronged’ you. Yet learning to forgive whatever has happened to you – and to take responsibility for your role in the situation, is essential. Moving forward means stepping into self-forgiveness for your own actions, and forgiving others for how they may have treated you too. This is how you create expansion away from those old stories that may have previously been keeping you trapped.

Try Ho’oponopono 

As an ancient Hawaiian spiritual practice, Ho’oponopono involves learning to accept “total responsibility” for everything that may have happened in a situation – including helping you to confess, repent and create reconciliation with whatever is perturbing you.

Ho’oponopono helps you to create wholeness and healing with a situation. This simple practice involves repeating the following, like a mantra throughout the day:

‘I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.’

This helps you to make peace with a situation, so you can lean into bringing more self-compassion to yourself and your present situation.

Learning to forgive yourself is essential, so as to be able to make peace and move forward towards recreating more positive experiences in life.

Finding Gratitude For Past Experiences

Being grateful for what has passed, is key to appreciating it – giving the wholeness of your heart in saying thank you – appreciating the blessing of the experience – whether in the end, it was positive or negative. In turn, you can find closure in whatever happened.

Finding three things to be grateful for in this experience, can help you to appreciate it what it is, while allowing you to move into a new story about what’s possible going forward.

Opening The Door Of New Possibility

When there is an ending, there’s also a new door of possibility opening. When you view endings in this way, you begin to see how you can re-orient yourself towards a different perspective, when you re-focus upon your intentions. The ending is therefore really a beginning of a new story – a new chapter, if you wish to embrace it.

What this means ultimately, is that you need to embrace new possibility with a sense of faith that everything is happening for the greater good – even if it seems difficult to comprehend at the time.

Looking To The Future

This website has recently had to embrace a new beginning. It has meant starting again after quite a hiatus. Over the years, this website has had to embrace many changes and ‘new beginnings’ with website design. This blog is now embracing a minimalist look, so as to make it as easy as possible to navigate to useful content.

Here you will also find online courses that can help you to develop a spiritual practice, books and other reading recommendations, along with spiritual gifts that may benefit yourself or your loved ones. This can only work in favour of both the content creators and the readers in the long-term. We hope these tips are helpful in allowing you to navigate this website with ease, while embracing new possibilities that may be emerging for you as we travel forward together on this new journey.


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