Are You Riding The Waves Of Your Own ‘Self-Care’ Storm?

Having your own self-care routine may feel like second nature, yet at times it can also present many challenges. Just as you get comfortable with taking good care of yourself, strange feelings can emerge from the unknown. Like a wave, they rise and if you’re not careful, can leave you completely submerged.


Finding Balance In An Unbalanced World

  What does being balanced mean to you? It may conjure up images of stability and contentment. There is a feeling of peacefulness that comes from this state of being. You no longer have to overly worry about letting anyone or anything down. The panic of being perfect has gone.


Learning To Live Beyond Limitations

In an effort to want to belong, we can often place limitations on ourselves. We believe that this way of focused thinking will enable us to find freedom and the space we need to ensure more success in our lives.

8 Signs Your Consciousness Is Expanding |
Meditation / Mindfulness

8 Signs Your Consciousness Is Expanding

Many of us are only beginning to understand the power of living up to our truest potential and the importance of being conscious is a major part of that. We may practice meditation, mindfulness, random acts of kindness and service to others…all in an exchange to lose our ego self and start to become more…


5 Simple Ways To Find Your Heart Centre

Life can be challenging and there are times when we may want to ‘jack it all’ in and wish we would’ve stayed in bed! But no one ever said it would be easy…if it were, life wouldn’t be as exciting or rewarding. Work, family life, the stress of trying to succeed and the pressures we…