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Why Laughter Can Be Healing Medicine

Laughter may not always seem appropriate, in fact it may seem even downright difficult at times. But learning to laugh can be the best form of medicine for the soul. Whenever we are going through hard times or feel that no one understands us, laughing can actually have a healing effect.


Why Exercise Is Great For Your Spiritual Development

The thought of doing exercise may fill us with dread at times; getting sweaty and ‘feeling the burn’ is not everyone’s ideal way to spend their free time. But the good news is that with a little mindshift, exercise can be the one thing you not only want to do but also actively pursue throughout…

7 Foods To Eat If Searching For Enlightenment

7 Foods To Eat if Searching For Enlightenment

Enlightenment is something that we often think of as taking time to develop and we may accept the opportunity rather willingly, only to later be stumped by the challenge that it isn’t always as easy as we initially thought. The road to enlightenment however doesn’t need to be as difficult as it first seems…