This One Simple Technique Will Instantly Clear Your Mind!

Do you suffer from sadness, mental grief or even find it difficult to think clearly, much less make good decisions? Does the stress of life these days wrap around you like a tight blanket, suffocating you and making it impossible to feel free? Do you find your to-do list so cluttered with “To Dos” and…


Breaking The Mental Barrier of Saying ‘No’

Focusing is about saying No. Steve Jobs What would it mean to be able to say ‘no’ with confidence to situations, events and even people that do not serve your highest good? We have been socially conditioned to try and please everyone…to do our best under all circumstances. We are made to feel like a…

In-Joy Your Spiritual Journey | www.spiritualbliss.com

In-Joy Your Spiritual Journey

There is some deep cleansing going on right now. People are clearing out emotional and spiritual baggage they’ve been lugging around for lifetimes and feeling pretty good about the whole thing.

Why Gratitude Is The Best Attitude | www.spiritualbliss.com
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Why Gratitude is The Best Attitude

When we are feeling thankful, we are inviting in a sense of appreciation for whatever is showing up in our lives. This isn’t always easy and in fact it may be preferable to wallow in our own sense of self-depreciation or wonder why things aren’t going right for us. This is the mind’s way of…