How To Power Up and Ignite Your Potentials
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How To Power Up and Ignite The Potentials Inside Of You

Inside each one of us, is a well of creative possibilities laying dormant. We might not realise the extent of the potentials within until a crisis or setback occurs – and we try to find new meaning for what we are being confronted with. It often seems to be the case that life’s challenges can either make us – or break us, should we allow them to.

Finding your potential is about allowing yourself to connect with the deeper truth of who you are – and awakening to the limitless possibility in our lives, begins with shifting our perspective – and with new awareness, bring forth new meanings for ourselves as we move into and become our future self.

Finding Your Fire

It’s not always easy to do what you love and to live life from a place of passion. Your fire may often seem to spark out of nothing – and burn itself out just as easily. Your fire is what lights you up with such passion and ferocity that you just can’t turn it down. You must take action towards your goals and in making it happen.

The moments where we find our creative spark that ignites the fire within us, begin with getting quiet with ourselves. Gentle movements such as going for a walk can help us to stay grounded and focused on what’s in front of us – so we can learn to become the active observer, rather than the judge of our thoughts. While creative journaling can allow us to connect with our subconsciousness and allow new ideas, thoughts and stories to come up to the surface of our conscious mind.

If you can begin to nourish your fire daily, it will be easier to come back to, and draw upon as a resource. Sometimes you may find your fire internally through your own experiences, while for others they find it in the external world – and in wanting to show up for who they are, and to make a difference.

Whatever is creating fire and passion in you, is what will burn the brightest and create the most light in the world. Your light is something you can nurture and grow with the right intention, helping to brighten the road ahead for others to walk their destiny pathway too.

Get Creative!

When you connect with your creativity, you are connecting with the Universe – and embodying its possibilities, so as to potentially make them manifest in the human experience. We are therefore all expressions of the Divine in this way as we can transcend our every day limiting beliefs, thoughts or stories – and begin to draw upon a new resource of infinite creativity and abundance, should we choose to embrace it.

There are endless ways to express your creativity. If you’re not yet sure of your talents or skills, let go of any expectations or pressures you may have put on yourself about how this should be. Simply focus upon what brings you the most joy – and keep doing more of it!

For example, writers may find they enjoy submerging themselves into an imaginary world with interesting characters, where they can create and re-create different storylines and structures. Artists may enjoy playing with colour and form in a similar way, to create new impressions of the world. Musicians listen to the sound and rhythm of new beats, submerging themselves into the endless soundscapes of musical notes and instruments, thereby allowing the listener to join them in a whole new emotional or auditory experience.

Whatever your hobby or activity is, when you embrace it with joy every day just like meeting a new friend – you can come to it with a fresh perspective, knowing that it is always there for you in some capacity – and will reward you in return. For just as the writer writes a book, the artist paints the painting, the musician finishes the last notes of their song – knowing that their creative expression, that was once just a seed in the artist’s mind – is now in reality, in the physical form.

Overflow And Amplify

Along with creative expression, it’s essential that we stay connected to the people we want to serve. For being a part of a community allows us to move from feeling alone – to understanding our role in the bigger picture of things. Community can mean many things to different people. At its core, a community of people who join together with shared interests and the same intentions, can help each other to develop and grow into their potentials.

When we embrace a community who give us valuable support and feedback, we choose not to be alone. We choose to embrace the collective mindset and step into our own growth, and we start to overcome our limitations.

Giving yourself the courage to show up and share your creative work with others is key. Learning to let go of being perfect, is how we can become open to our own development. To do this we need to step out of shame-based meaning-making and move into really listening for what the deeper possibility is – especially in the face of criticism or setbacks.

Often when we embrace the setback, we then find it is our greatest teacher and guide to help us in moving forward. This is because growth is not linear – it’s often messy and unpredictable! Embracing this is how we move out of playing small and start to enjoy new challenges.

Just as a volcano erupts with magma, we need to learn to overflow with creative juices from time to time! This is how we spill our creative seeds into the world and allow them to nurture in and inspire others.

Embrace the messiness and the not having it all togetherness and simply go with the creative flow. Put it out there with the confidence that you have done your best work. For sharing it with others is how you start amplifying this potential within you – and begin creating an even larger impact in the world.

Want More Support To Stay Empowered?

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